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GoldDirect review-is it a scam?The economy today is truly volatile. From time to time, we experience something that is deliberately troublesome, like depression, recession, and inflation.

These things are really harmful to traditional asset classes. They can harm whatever stocks or bonds that you have in your portfolio.

Because of these, multiple financial experts suggest that you back your investments with alternative assets. Of course, they are about gold and other types of precious metals here.

Sometimes, they are also referring to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. When invested, these particular assets can cover up your existing wealth by serving as a type of safety net.

There are a lot of investment firms that are claiming that they are legitimate sellers of these alternative assets. Well, if it is Regal Assets, APMEX, or Advantage Gold that is speaking, then you can really trust them. But there’s another name that is spurring some attention: the GoldDealer.

The GoldDealer, or, is one company that has a legitimate traction in the investment industry.

We have heard a lot about them, and we thought that it is the high time that we check them. Is this online gold company trustworthy or scam? The answers are just right below.



Trust The Highest Rated Gold IRA Company:

Click Here For Our #1 Gold IRA Recommendation Review might be a new name for you. But this company has been with us for quite some time already.

Actually, “GoldDealer” is not its original name, but rather California Numismatic Investment, Inc. They have been established as a precious metal and rare coin dealer.

Accordingly, the company does not claim commission sales. Their shipping is said to be free if it is within the United States.

In respect to other third-party reviewers, they have already had different ratings to this particular company. But don’t worry. Our review has taken an independent route.


GoldDirect Homepage


Fortunately, there is no insufficiency when it comes to vital information about GoldDealer.

We have accessed a variety of sites where we found user reviews about them. We have inspected each of these feedback and discovered that they are purely real.

The first thing that we have to highlight is that the California Numismatic Investment, Inc. has been operating for 39 years already.

Therefore, it would not be surprising anymore if they have been riddled with customer complaints and issues, right? But that’s not really the case.

Throughout their stint, it is quite impressive that they were able to maintain their integrity as a precious metal dealer. Most of their existing and previous clients have a lot of good things to say about them.


Company Ratings

For instance, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has asserted that this company has an A+ rating. According to the informants of BBB, they have found nothing that is wrong about GoldDealer.

They also said to us that this investment firm has already mastered the ins and outs of gold IRA. When it comes to experience and reliability, the GoldDealer might be one of the leaders right now.

But then again, we are not saying that GoldDealer is the perfect guy on the block. The folks from the Trustpilot told that although that it is true that GoldDealer has an exceptional rating, they are still not unscathed.

In the site, this enterprise received 480 reviews. Eighty-eight percent (88%) of these are all good. However, they are among the few online gold companies that we reviewed that received poor user feedback.

The number for its negative rating is not that significant, but that’s still a number, right?

In fact, other third-party firms, such as TrustLink has only rated GoldDealer average. One of their people told us that this company typically experiences problems in the processing of their accounts and shipping.

Sometimes, they also receive reports about pricing discrepancies that are set by GoldDealer.

These things are worth taking into account. Although they are a reputable company, this doesn’t mean that a potential investor is immune from experiencing nuisances while transacting with them.

As a result, we do recommend that you exercise caution when buying or making an account to them. It would also be great if you can talk to knowledgeable individuals in regards to the planned investment that you are going to make.

In this way, you can work with GoldDealer smoothly and safely.

Overall, we think that the online precious metal GoldDealer is still worth the shot. But as an interested investor, you just need to be careful with the investments that you will make with them. Background

The GoldDealer or the California Numismatic Investments, Inc. is one of the oldest gold IRA companies today. It might be older than some of us. As base on our research, the company was established on December 31, 1979.

As the time of this writing, this firm is already 39 years old. Being able to survive and progress for such length of time is already impressive. That means that throughout their existence, they were able to satisfy the needs of their clients.

Currently, the CEO of is Richard Schwary. Unfortunately, we were not able to secure the contact information of Schwary or any of his close subordinates.

However, they have provided their customer service line: 800-255-7531. You can also reach the head of their customer service operations at this email:

The physical location of this company is located at 525 West Manchester Blvd, Inglewood, CA, United States. As far as our investigation is concerned, this address does exist.

You can visit the office of the California Numismatic Investments there if you want to have a personal appointment. But of course, not all of you can do this because of the distance and practical limitations.

Throughout their existence, the California Numismatic Investments, Inc. has been recognized by different investment organizations. Such of these are the following: the Professional Numismatic Guild, Industry Council for Tangible Assets, and California Coin and Bullion Merchants Association.

Being a member of any of these organizations is proof that a gold IRA company has a legitimate operation. Services

The California Numismatic Investments (or is a service provider of precious metals and other types of alternative assets. They buy and sell gold, silver, and palladium to interested individuals.

These items can come in the form of bullion and coins and usually banked in self-directed IRAs.

However, let us warn you about one thing. We have heard from other people that CNI is an authentic and certified IRA custodian. Although it sounds true, it is not.

You see, this company doesn’t have their own storage facility just like APMEX or Regal Assets. Any gold merchant can provide better assurance if they do have an accredited storage facility.

So where does put their precious metals? Well, we have confirmed that this company has working terms with CMT.

The latter is a known storage facility for these expensive assets. Since we are talking about CMT here, it is safe to say that your IRAs are still safe with CNI.

There are a variety of precious metals that can sell to you. Gold, silver, rhodium, platinum, and palladium are among their top-selling products. Of course, you can have them in forms of coins, bullion, or bars. Most of these metals are IRA-approved, so it is should be a good thing for interested investors.



Final Verdict

The is one of the oldest gold merchants today. Their existence has been heard of by many, and there are a lot of people already who have invested in them.

Throughout their stint, the company was able to deliver legitimate IRAs to their clients. Although they don’t have a perfect record, that doesn’t mean that they are a scam that you should avoid.

We deem that this company can be trusted. You just have to be patient because they don’t have the best customer service agents out there. You should also double check their prices as well.



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Thumbs UpWhen looking at gold IRA companies, you should look at a few and see what trust they have with real customers.

Many companies have Trustlink reviews, BBB, and ratings on Business Consumer Alliance, so you should check these ratings for sure for each of the investment companies you’re interested in.

One gold IRA company that stands out is Regal Assets if you want to know who we recommend.  They have one of the highest ratings on Trustlink, BBB, and BCA as well as having segregated storage as a standard feature.


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Regal Assets (full review here) is a gold IRA and a cryptocurrency IRA service provider for more than decades already. You can also buy gold bullion, silver bullion, and other assets as well.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.




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