APMEX Review: Is It A Legitimate Online Gold Company?

APMEX REVIEWWith all the existing gold dealers today, it is completely natural if people will get baffled to which of these companies will they choose.

Of course, being able to find a decent gold IRA service provider is essential for every interested investor. It gives them the assurance that their investment will never be nixed at all.

On the internet today, we can find a plethora of online gold companies. For instance, we have Regal Assets who can offer you the possession of gold in their physical form. New companies like Advantage Gold are also rising in the competition. But if you want a company that has a rooted foundation in the industry already, you might want to try APMEX.

In this review, we will be going to analyze APMEX and their overall reputation in the gold dealership industry. We will also try to assess their services and how they are doing in the competition.



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APMEX Review

It is touted that APMEX is the biggest gold and precious metals retailed in the world today. APMEX, or the American Precious Metals Exchange, is a stable company that holds a strong reputation among gold buyers and dealers.

However, APMEX does not go without any tarnish. Well, it is something that we had expected, considering that this company has been in the industry for many years already.

In the Better Business Bureau (BBB), APMEX has been accredited since 2004. In the past three years, it got 29 complaints that were fortunately closed or settled. Nine of these twenty-nine complaints took place in the past year.


APMEX Homepage


Overall, the BBB rating of APMEX is still A+, which means that it conducts above satisfactory performance in handling gold and precious metals IRA.

When it comes to the Trustpilot, APMEX has garnered over 7 thousand reviews, which in general, has marked an excellent rating.

Furthermore, Trustpilot has ranked APMEX 11th among the 37 gold and silver trading companies that have been listed on them. It is something that should not be lightly taken. After all, it is a guarantee that APMEX is a legitimate trader and that whatever you invest on them will yield returns.

We also searched online forums to see what people are saying about APMEX. What we got are seemingly unanimous to what BBB and Trustpilot are saying.

According to some individuals who have invested already in APMEX, the company is said to deliver what they have promised. Although some suggest that they don’t have a clean record, it is still worth trusting them.

Right as of now, APMEX is one of the most reputable gold buy-and-sell companies in the online platform. They are considered among the pioneers of online gold selling.

Even up today, APMEX is still a reliable company. Their services are constantly improving. The prices are regulated and adjusted, depending on the current market price.



APMEX Background

As what has been stated, APMEX is a legitimate seller of gold, platinum, silver, and other precious metals. Aside from that, the company also claims that they are selling wafers, coins, and wafers.

Accordingly, APMEX is carrying United States Mint bullion products, which should include silver, platinum, and gold American Eagles.

If you are interested in acquiring these assets, you might want to refer to the services and packages of this company. It is also implicated that APMEX also offers Royal Canadian Mint, Maple Leaf, and the coveted South African Krugerrands.

The operation of APMEX is situated at 226 Dean A. McGee Avenue, 73102, Oklahoma City. That’s their physical office that you can visit and access. But of course, not all of us can go there due to some restrictions. It is the very reason why APMEX has decided to launch an online site where they can cater to the needs of interested investors.

You can contact the customer service of the APMEX through this email address: customerservice@APMEX.com. If you have inquiries and complaints, this is the very line that you can access right away.

You can also contact them via the telephone number 405-595-2100. We tried ringing this number to find if it is active. Luckily, it is.

Meanwhile, Jana Hale is the current head of their customer service. There’s a good chance that you can talk to this person whenever you dial the given contact details of APMEX.

From what we have researched, APMEX has a wide array of professionals in the industry. They can provide the technical assistance that an investor needs to make a sound and solid financial decision. Throughout the process, the company is said to be helpful. That’s a very nice thing, considering that it is an insurance that you will never be blindsided by APMEX.



APMEX Services

We have already highlighted some of the integral services of APMEX. As you can see, this corporation is a legitimate buyer and seller of gold. They have insured storage that guarantees that your precious metals will be kept and secured until its maturity.

According to the company and other third-party informative sites, APMEX transacts thousands of gold and silver on a daily basis.

Fortunately, their pricing is not exaggerated and questionable. The price of their products and services are directly influenced by the market price of these precious metals.

APMEX only offers tangible investment. If that’s the case, then it is a company worth trusting. Tangible investments are assets that you can literally hold. They will not just give you paper claims that can mean nothing.

If they offer a gold IRA, they can assure you that you will get the gold on its physical form. The latter is an excellent insurance, considering that we only accept companies that can offer products on their physical form.

Here are some of the key services and features that you should understand about APMEX:


Limitless Availability – Just like Regal Assets, APMEX operates 24/7. Their site will never have downtime, and their customer service crew will always be there to assist you.

Therefore, it is quite possible that you can open an account to them anytime you want. This is a great feature for those who are living outside the timezone of the United States. Wherever you are, you can guarantee that APMEX can serve you.


Quick and Hassle – Free Transactions – When you are finally decided to open an account an APMEX, the company can start the processing right away. Even on holidays like Christmas, the transaction can still take place.

That’s the standard that we want for a gold company has to possess. When you are dealing with online service providers like this, it is important that are accessible all the time.

Furthermore, they should be able to process your requests or accounts as soon as you have placed them.


Anonymous Delivery – All of the products that you have ordered will be delivered to you right away. They will be shipped directly to your address on an insured and unmarked package.

Nobody will know that you have ordered something expensive and delicate. It is also good to know that APMEX accepts multiple payment options such as bank wire and credit card.



Final Verdict

As of now, there’s no denying that APMEX is one of the original online gold companies. We have deemed that APMEX can execute transactions at a fast and efficient rate. Their products and services are all legitimate.

They also have a team of knowledgeable customer service agents that can help you out.

The reputation got by APMEX is solid proof that they are not a shady company. You can always entrust your investment to them.



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