United Gold Direct Review: Is This Company Legitimate?

United Gold Direct ReviewGlad you’re here on our United Gold Direct Review to find out if this company will be the best to help you with your financial investing goals.

Investing in precious metals through IRA conversions is a sound financial decision. There’s a lot of things that you can gain from it–primarily ensuring that you have an on-spot hedge for your assets against inflation.

There are several entities out there that are offering IRA rollovers. They can process your existing IRA so that they can be invested in precious metals like gold and silver.

These companies are accepted by the professional bullion market. Transacting with them is indeed safe and worthwhile on your part.

The United Gold Direct company, on the other hand, claims that they are included on the reputable precious metal company in the United States.

According to them, they have been in the industry for several years and have fulfilled a plethora of deals already. So should you trust them once you have decided that you want bullion products on your portfolio?

Find out the answer below.



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United Gold Direct Review

The United Gold Direct is a fresh face in the precious metal industry. It has been established in 2009. In the time that this article was written, the United Gold Direct is just in the first decade of its operation.

However, it is quite surprising that the company was able to deliver decent services and products to their clients. This company primarily operates online. Specifically, the domain of their site is http://www.unitedgolddirect.com/ which is not a secured site as seen below:


United Gold Direct website is not secured


This is a huge concern if they operate primarily online because that means any information that you input into that site like your personal information is not safe.  Unfortunately, this is a very risky site to buy directly or transact directly on their unsecured website.

When looking at their site, besides the website security issue, we have seen that their main focus is on IRA rollovers. We haven’t seen any access pages that allows you to buy or sell precious metals. They don’t feature spot prices of these commodities too, which proves that they are not into precious metal retail.

Unlike other IRA companies that we have encountered like Regal Assets, the website of United Gold Direct is not that informative.

From our standpoint, these precious metal companies have to be transparent about their services. You cannot make the right choice if the prices of the commodities are not displayed.

To be fair with the United Gold Direct, they have a page that shows their coin catalog. However, all the items listed there are just short descriptions of the product. They give price estimates but not the exact cost. If you are a new investor, this would confuse you.

From what we have seen, this company is directly encouraging their clients to make an appointment with them. You can do this by contacting them or going directly in their office. We are quite half-hearted if these mechanisms can gain your trust or not.

In most cases, making a direct appointment is good since it establishes connection and familiarity with the company. On the flipside, we are not sure if United Gold Direct will do this.


Coins growing plant with Clock on side


We have this certain fear that they might bombard you with marketing pitches, especially that they are not really transparent from the get-go. However, we will just give them the benefit of the doubt.

Most of the contents in the United Gold Direct are blogs that pertain to precious metals and IRAs. Honestly, some of these resources are quite helpful, especially if you are just a new investor on the block.

They even offer a toolkit. But before you can get this toolkit, you have to fill up a form. This is a form of email marketing strategy for those who are still new with it.

If the company is reputable, then there’s no problem doing it. However, if it is the opposite, they might flood you with emails and calls.

We have reviewed several IRA companies that have this particular issue. People will always get annoyed by this. Fortunately, we haven’t read any cases of this junk tactic that are being pertained to United Gold Direct.



Better Business Bureau (A+)

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has rated this company with an A+ score, which means that it has a solid reputation. However, we were not able to read any customer reviews about the United Gold Direct on the site of BBB.

TrustLink (5-Star)

Meanwhile, the TrustLink also gave a 5-star rating to United Gold Direct. There are around seventeen (17) user reviews that were listed on the site, which are all seemingly positive.

Most of the feedback indicates that the company conducts a smooth and secure business with their clients.

Although, 17 user feedback is not a lot considering they’ve been in business for 10 years. Other reputable firms have thousands of reviews on TrustLink, like Regal Assets.

Yelp (5-Star)

The same story can still be drawn if you are going to search the site in the directory of Yelp. It is a registered business and features multiple positive reviews from their previous and existing clients.


Overall, the United Gold Direct is still a reputable site despite the fact that it slightly lacks transparency. Based on the reviews, it seems that the company is reputable and fulfills their ends.

They have satisfied many clients already which somehow tells that they can be trusted, although the amount of reviews are not as comparable as other firms.



United Gold Direct Background

Nest Gold EggIn this United Gold Direct review, we have found out that the company is indeed a legitimate precious metal dealer. It is a good thing because it diversifies your options when it comes to sourcing out your precious metal needs.

Based on their company profile, it has been said that the United Gold Direct is a service provider of a variety of precious metals. They have gold, silver, palladium, and platinum on their catalog.

But just like what we have said earlier, the company specializes in IRA / 401K rollovers. When it comes to this service, you can quickly trust the United Gold Direct.

The company opened on June 30, 1996. But its local operation in 2945 Townsgate Road Suite 200, Westlake Village, California took place on October 25, 2009. From this information, we can say that the company operates internationally.

Currently, the United Gold Direct is supervised by its Managing Director Marc Harrison. The latter also acts as the head of their customer service department. You can contact them via the following means: (818) 540-4223 (Fax) and (818) 880-1600 (Phone).

The United Gold Direct is also affiliated to a variety of organizations. They are an accredited member of the Council on Tangible Assets (ICTA) American Numismatic Association (ANA).

These entities set the standards for precious metal dealers. You cannot join in any of them if you have a stained reputation or if you have a lot of unsolved complaints.



United Gold Direct Services

Just like what we have stated earlier, the United Gold Direct is an entity that specializes in IRA/401K rollovers. This means that they can convert your existing IRA to precious metals.

They serve as the custodians of the precious metals, too. They have accredited storages and vaults to take care of your commodities for you.

Furthermore, they are also dealers of precious metals. If you want to purchase hard gold or silver, you can get them from this company. They are also dealers of IRA-approved coins such as American Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf. They have rare and premium collector coins, too.

The United Gold Direct is said to have fast and hassle-free shipping. Once the transaction has already been fulfilled, the company will immediately ship them to you.

All the packages they send to you will remain anonymous and secure. They have verification features as well so that your items will never fall in the wrong hands.

So far, we haven’t read any complaints regarding the pricing of the United Gold Direct products. Despite they are not that transparent when it comes to the costs of their products and services, it seems that they are not overcharging. No issues of bait-and-switch have been imposed against the company, too.



Final Verdict

Right now, we deem that the United Gold Direct is a trustworthy precious metal and IRA dealer. Most of the reviews that we have read about them are positive.

Even third-party organizations have verified that this company is a legitimate business. Nothing is too shady about them. You can freely invest your hard-earned income to them and expect significant yields.

However, we don’t recommend you using their website to do any online transactions since their website is not secured as pointed out above.

Your personal information will be very much at risk and you cannot trust their website to protect your financial info that you may enter into a form on their site.

If you’re able to get on the phone instead, you may have a better chance of getting a secured transaction done with them or else, we suggest you try our #1 recommendation below.

That’s it for now. If you have questions about this United Gold Direct review, just write them in the comment section below.



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