Goldline Review: Should You Trust This Precious Metal Dealer?

Goldline ReviewInvesting in precious metals is a daunting and challenging process. But if you can have the aid of a reputable bullion dealer like Goldline or Regal Assets, the arduous process can get simplified.

Of course, there’s a need for interested investors only to trust those who can provide quality and authentic precious metals dealership.

Otherwise, there’s a good chance that their hard-earned money with goes to drain without gaining anything. Those who want to have a 401(k) rollovers should take extra precautions because what they are swapping are their savings from their employment.

Goldline is one of the precious metal dealers today that have a strong claim about their legitimacy. The company, as far as we have researched, promotes itself as one of the trustworthy sources of various expensive commodities like gold, silver, and platinum.

It is also said that they cater to rollover services, which are among the demands of the current financial market.

But should you believe these claims? Are there any notable merits that should make you trust Goldline? Find out the answers by reading this entire company review.



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Goldline Review

For starters, Goldline is a Los Angeles-based company. Their services are heavily directed to precious metals.

They market these commodities as a hedge against inflation and other political and economic uncertainties that can flip the value of traditional forms of assets. Explicitly, they are offering four types of metals: gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

The company has a physical address, but they are primarily operating via their online platform ( For now, their website is only accessible in selected regions and countries in the world.

This means that it is quite impossible to access their site without the help of VPN or proxy servers. They don’t ship outside of the U.S. and Canada, too.

However, this is not an indicator that they are hiding something from you. It is just a security measure that some business companies in the United States and Canada are implementing.

Goldline has a clean and optimized website. It can be navigated in your smartphones or tablets without losing its user-friendly interface.

All the essential information for investing in precious metals are listed in the site. The homepage already highlights the spot prices of their commodities. Apparently, these spot prices are being updated daily.


Goldline home page


They also have a listing of the products that they offer. These range from bullion commodities down to rare and premium coin collections.

We deem that they have a wide array of selection to provide to their clients. They are great for both amateur and experienced investors who want to diversify their portfolio adequately.

Right now, we are still confirming if they indeed have special offers for bulk purchases.

Just as what we have expected, the site also provides IRA rollovers. In fact, their website features several guides for their clients on how to purchase an IRA out of their 401(k) accounts.

As is it presented to us now, Goldline features comprehensive services for those who want to invest in precious metals. Nothing seems dubious here.

All the essential information, including the address and contact number of the company, are vividly presented on the site.

Now, let us see how other third-party business affiliate sites see Goldline.


Customer Feedback


Trustpilot is one of the most reputable sites that highlight the performance of various accredited business based on their user reviews. Goldline, Inc. is registered on their website, which simplified our hunt.

Surprisingly, the site has a 5-star rating in TrustPilot. Furthermore, they got more than 4,500 reviews for their previous clients.

Approximately 92% of these reviews are positive. Moreover, we haven’t seen any negative feedback or complaints that are being thrown against the company.

This goes to show that Goldline is an authentic dealer of precious metals.


Better Business Bureau

Meanwhile, the Better Business Bureau put a 5-star rating to Goldline, which is pretty similar to Trustpilot. However, we have noticed something odd here.

Compared to Trustpilot, there are only a few user reviews on the profile of Goldline in the Better Business Bureau.

Furthermore, these reviews are mostly complaints. Most of the complaints were asking for a refund to the site after misappropriating delivery of ordered products.

Based on what we have seen, the customer service department of Goldline has addressed these complaints. However, this predicament is proof that Goldline is not a perfect company.


Better Consumer Alliance

When this review was written, the Goldline is still not a member of the Better Consumer Alliance. It implies that the company doesn’t have any rating on the site as well. There are no user reviews present, too.

However, this doesn’t harm the authenticity of Goldline as a precious metal dealer. The latter didn’t sign their business to Better Consumer Alliance. That should not make you worry at all.



Glassdoor is a third-party site that rates businesses based on the reviews of their former and existing employees. Goldline received a 3.1-out-of-5 rating in Glassdoor, which indicates that it is just an average company.

Some old employees told that the Goldline has a decent system and structure. However, their reviews always highlight that all of the company is hugely micromanaged.

Overall, we can say that Goldline is an average dealer of precious metals. It is not a perfect company, but you can expect that their services are real.

You can make purchases from them without the fear that they will do something suspicious or underhanded.



Goldline Background

Gold coinsIn this Goldline review, we have pointed out that the company operates legitimately. They are not scammers who will call you regularly to avail their non-existent services.

Apparently, Goldline, Inc. has been in the precious metals industry for almost sixty years already. It is an older player in the industry, but they have been staying up in the competition.

It was established in 1960, but we are still not sure who are the people behind its creation.

What we do know is that they started their operation with the assistance of A-Mark Precious Metals, Inc. or AMRK. The latter is one of the largest public traders of precious metals and purchaser of U.S Mint in the world today.

There have been claims that Goldline already has billions worth of transactions. Considering the length of their tenure in the precious metals industry, we can say that these assertions have grounds.

Furthermore, they were able to stay in the field without receiving lawsuits or government complaints. That’s something that is worth highlighting.

Take into account that Goldline exclusively operates in the United States and Canada. They don’t serve other countries, even those that are located in Europe.

They are partnered with Concierge so that they can provide customer assistance in regards to refunds and liquidations.

The physical address of this company is located at 11835 W Olympic Blvd #500Los Angeles, CA 90064-5067. Meanwhile, their primary contact number is (310) 587-1430.

It is important to note that the names GL Liquidating, Goldline International, and Goldline Precious Metals are just the alternative business titles of Goldline, LLC.



Goldline Services

Gold BarsJust as what we have mentioned, the Goldline has a myriad of selections for precious metal commodities. They are sellers and purchasers of items like gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. They also offer gold IRAs and rollover services.

Most of the world’s premier mints are available at Goldline. These mints are being sold at competitive prices, which is indeed an impressive thing.

We also liked that Goldline has been transparent with their costs, even if there are instances where they set more expensive pricing than their competitors.

Furthermore, the company features its very own Goldline Price Shield. It is an exclusive insurance that is only available for the clients of Goldline.

This program ensures that every customer of the company gets full price protection for each of the purchases they made.

The shipping services of the company provide standard rates. There are no overpriced logistical transfers that have been recorded so far. All the transactions are safe and private. The packages that will arrive at your doorstep are all sealed for anonymity.



Final Verdict

Overall, we deem Goldline to be a reputable service provider of precious metals and IRA services. They have proven that throughout the sixty years of existence, they are a legitimate dealer of precious metals in the professional bullion market.

You can avail fine gold and silver from them in the most competitive prices available.

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Also, they deal with customers outside of US & Canada as well.

Regal Assets boasts a trail of high customer ratings on Trustlink, BBB, and BCA, you will also find virtually no complaints about them as well.

We also really like them because they offer segregated storage as standard so your assets are kept separate from others without the need for extra cost as other firms charge for this type of storage as well.

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That’s it for now. If you have questions regarding this Goldline review, you can drop them in the comment section below.



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