Advantage Gold Review: Is It A Legitimate Gold Company?

Advantage Gold ReviewThere are a variety of online gold bullion dealers that exist today. The internet does not lack with them.

However, the biggest problem with this is that it confused many interested investors.

After all, identifying which among these companies are the legitimate ones will always be a challenge.

One of the online gold companies that are trying to establish their reputation in the industry is the Advantage Gold.

For those who have in the business of buying gold and other precious metals on the internet, they are already aware that Advantage Gold is still a new player.

However, it is not a basis for us to immediately conclude that they are a sham. That’s the very reason why we are going to review their services as well as inspect their background.



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Advantage Gold Review

When dealing with gold and other alternative forms of investments, it is quite essential that you will be served by a reputable company that knows the ins and outs of gold IRAs. We have seen a lot of companies that have the right merit to serve such transactions–such as the APMEX and Regal Assets.

This time, we have encountered the name Advantage Gold. According to the Better Business Bureau, the company has an outstanding reputation for the industry.

Specifically, it has an A+ rating from them, meaning that the company was able to deliver what it has promised. We have noticed that it doesn’t have negative feedback either, which is a good thing.


Advantage Gold Homepage


When it comes to the Trustpilot rating, the Advantage Gold has an overall 606 reviews. Out of this figure, 98% has rated the company excellent. The remaining two percent placed a 4-star rating or “great.”

With these highly satisfactory ratings that the Advantage Gold has received, it is quite easy to tell that they are a company that you should work with.

For those who want to try setting up a self-directed gold IRA, trusting this company should be a good idea. As what we have read, the customer service of Advantage Gold is swift and reasonable.

They are highly cooperative and assistive, ensuring that the needs of their clients are met.



Advantage Gold Background

One of the biggest skepticism that the Advantage Gold has met is their seemingly new standing in the gold dealership industry.

Specifically, the company has just been established in 2014, which is indeed quite new compared to the other online gold dealers that we have now.

But definitely, their services are gradually cementing their name as one of the most reliable gold IRA companies today.

The company is primarily based on Los Angeles, California. Their physical office is specifically situated at 12100 Wilshire Blvd #1450.

But for those that can’t physically access the place due to distance and financial restrictions, you should just visit their site. All of the information about the company, including their services and contact, are listed there.

Advantage Gold operates at standard business hours of 8 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Friday. However, you can expect that you can still contact their customer service anytime you want.

Overall, Advantage Gold has Trustlink rating of 5 stars out of the 310 reviews they garnered there.

In the past four years of operation, the company got zero complaints in the BCA. Furthermore, Advantage Gold boasts to be a member of The Industry Council of Tangible Assets or ICTA.

Prospect clients should know that Advantage Gold is in possession of fully-insured storage. You can ensure that your gold IRA is fully secured while it is reaching its full maturity.


Advantage Gold Services

Most of the people that we talked regarding Advantage Gold usually compares the company with Regal Assets. Both of the companies have a good reputation in the gold bullion industry. They are also efficient in handling gold IRAs.

However, it is still undeniable that Advantage Gold has lower reviews and ratings than the Regal Assets. Of course, that’s completely understandable, considering that the company is fairly new to the industry.

We do expect a huge leap in its reputation in the coming years if it continues to implement reasonable pricing over their packages. We are also trying to keep an eye to the customer service of this company. It is a determinant if they can keep afloat on this business.

Right now, there are several things that you can get from Advantage Gold. Even if you are not yet ready to open a gold IRA, the company can still give you something that will benefit you.


Client Education

Right from the get-go, we appreciate the effort of Advantage Gold in educating their customers. It is one of the reasons why we appreciate them as a gold bullion dealer.

They are making sure that their clients can do informed decisions in the investment route that they can take.

The people that are working for Advantage Gold are seemingly professionals. They have a complete understanding of the industry as well as the factors that affect the pricing of gold and other precious metals.

They can provide all the necessary materials so that you can learn the basics of buying gold.

According to their existing clients, Advantage Gold does not rush people. They are not the same as other gold dealers who keep on pushing their clients to get an account from them.

That’s a brutal marketing strategy that can cause a company to lose its credibility.



Advantage Gold offers a plethora of people that can answer all questions. It is completely understandable that first-time investors have a lot of queries regarding gold IRAs and anything in between.

Therefore, it is crucial for us that a gold dealer should be patient enough to deal with this type of clients.

The responsiveness of a company can be seen through how their customer service interacts with people. They should be knowledgeable enough to answer all the questions that are being hurled at them.

Furthermore, they should be able to answer it in a way that a layman could understand.

Of course, we don’t want to hear companies that are scolding their customers if they miss anything. That’s not how you handle people.

Fortunately, Advantage Gold was seen to conduct excellent client handling in the few years that they are operating. They care for those who are reaching out to them, and that is something really worth noting.


Myriad of Services

The Advantage Gold has a lot to offer to their clients. Whether you want to start small or you want to hit it big already, this company can cater you.

Since this online gold dealer specializes in first-time investors, it does excel in making entry-level gold IRAs. They can allow people to buy gold at a reasonable price or let them have a myriad of precious metals to diversify their accounts.

Furthermore, the Advantage Gold has a Buy Back Program. It will allow their investors to change directions on their accounts whenever they want. It empowers their customers to have total control over their retirement account.



The Verdict

Right as of now, we can’t deny that the Advantage Gold is a decent online gold dealer.

This company is still new, but it is already giving people an opportunity to have gold ownership even in they don’t have a big amount of wealth to bet upon.

This company has a solid performance when it comes to handling gold IRAs and other forms of retirement assets.

Just like Regal Assets, the Advantage Gold is a hassle-free company that you should try.



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