US Gold Bureau Review: Should You Trust This Company?

US Gold Bureau ReviewUS Gold Bureau is among the precious metal dealers on the market today that asserts their performance and reputation. If you have particular needs in the field of precious metals, they are recommending that you try their services and which prompted us to write a US Gold Bureau review.

Apparently, they are confident about their operation that they are very willing to market their name. Of course, investing in precious metals and related commodities is a decent financial move.

Items like gold and silver can somehow act as a hedge against inflation and other economic disasters. They can also act as your financial leverage if you need a huge capital in the near future.

If you have an IRA account that involves these commodities, you can have better uses to them once they are already in your possession.

Many companies today are claiming that they are reputable players in the professional bullion market. Technically, they are the ones that you should seek whenever you are interested in precious metal acquisition. There are companies that are truly reliable and trustworthy.

On the flipside, there are still those that have shady profile and reputation.

Which does the Us Gold Bureau belong? Find out in the next sections.



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US Gold Bureau Review

Based on the introduction given by the US Gold Bureau, it is said that the company has been established to provide smooth and guaranteed acquisition of precious metals.

If we take this statement is true, then we can draw the idea that they are just there to serve potential clients. No more. No less. However, that’s too good to be true, right?

Well, we have investigated this company the best way we can. We have eliminated any bias to ensure that you can get the real picture here. If you are an interested investor, you should pay attention to what we are going to elucidate here.


US Gold Bureau Homepage


The results we got in probing the US Gold Bureau is quite varied. We can see both positive and negative reviews from them. It is quite a notorious predicament. Most of the time, we always get a one-sided result for every company that we probe.

For instance, if the investment firm is bad, we would know it immediately because of the overwhelmingly negative feedback that they sustain.

Sometimes, these things are even backed by legal complaints. The opposite is true if the company is reputable and honest.

The US Gold Bureau can be considered as an isolated case. The reviews that we see are quite divided so we are not really sure initially of which side to take. We cannot just be half-hearted and tell that they are all real. There’s a good chance that some of these are PR attempts.

So we just did the old-school method of scrutinizing precious metal companies. We seek the help of reliable third-party sites that accredits different types of businesses. Let’s start with the Better Business Bureau.


Customer Feedback

Better Business Bureau (Not Accredited)

Apparently, the US Gold Bureau is not accredited to Better Business Bureau. This information is directly prompted in the profile of the site.

However, this doesn’t mean that the company itself is a sham. There are companies that are not listed in the BBB but have reputable standing in the community.

First thing first. Just this December 21, 2018, the Better Business Bureau has requested the US Gold Bureau to remove the claims that they made in a YouTube video, with a title of “How to Diversify Your Investment Portfolio with Precious Metals.”

Accordingly, the Better Business Bureau asserts that the claims advertised by the US Gold Bureau are typically misleading.

As it is displayed on the disclaimer of the US Gold Bureau, the latter doesn’t guarantee their clients with improved gains and financial leverages.

But the BBB has noticed that this disclaimer is quite in conflict with the advertisements made by the USGB. To be fair with the company, it has been said that they are currently working on addressing this complaint from BBB.

Out of the seventy reviews present in the BBB, fifteen of these are complaints. This number is quite significant already. Fortunately, most of these are resolved already.


Trustpilot (4 Stars out of 5)

The site Trustpilot has recorded more than eight hundred reviews for the company USGB. Furthermore, they got a four-star rating, which is already high in the standard of the precious metal industry.

As we have noticed, most of the issues filed against the company involve shipping delays. A significant number of people told that the packages they ordered arrived late.

We also took into account a particular review that indicates that the client has cancelled his/ her order due to some pricing glitches.


Gold Bullion


Glass Door (3.9 Stars out of 5)

Meanwhile, the Glass Door has verified that this company is existing and indeed real. It got a 3.9 out of 5 rating in the site, which is still fairly high. There are several notable reviews that we got there.

One of these is a previous employee of the USGB. According to the person, the US Gold Bureau conducts a legitimate operation. However, he had complaints regarding its stability. Apparently, the person who had this testimony has been laid off.

Other people told that the customer service department is quite pushy. They will push you to avail or buy their products. Some people are not really that fan of that strategy.


Consumer Affairs

Consumer Affairs has the lowest rating for the US Gold Bureau. Most of the reviews here are complaints. Notoriously, these reviewers are verified individuals. Therefore, we cannot dismiss them as bogus accounts.

A person has told that he was able to purchase IRA coins from the company. Accordingly, the USGB will buy the coins after four years. However, the person was late informed that the purchase would be made on a consignment basis.

Another feedback suggests that an investor bought silver liberty dollars. The company keeps calling the person that the investment he got has increased its value. However, the customer disproved these claims. After that, the customer service agent hung up too. This one is an indicator that there are flaws in the company.


Overall, we do believe that the US Gold Bureau is a real company. However, there are inconsistencies in their operation, as proven by the negative reviews that have been flagged against them.

You can either dismiss or consider them. You just have to be careful in transacting with them to avoid inconveniences and loss.



US Gold Bureau Background

Accordingly, the United States Gold Bureau is a company with an authorized operation. They are a purchaser of the U.S. Mint. They are also legitimate dealers for the PCGS and NGC.

The company is also a repository of information and news that are related to precious metal commodities.

The company was established in 2003. It was not clear who founded the company. But it has been informed that the ownership of the company changed around 2008.

Right now, the USGB are being managed by the following identities: John Hutmacher (CEO), Matt Ferris (Chairman), Michael Buckley (CFO), and Josh Hinsdale (Director of Marketing).

The US Gold Bureau is a member of the Industry Council of Tangible Assets. Meanwhile, their parent company, the Lone Star Tangible Assets, has been chosen by the State of Texas to create the Texas Bullion Depository.

This company is located at 1908 Kramer Lane Bldg. B, Ste. 300 Austin, Texas 78758-4008. You can contact them to this following number: (800) 775-3504.



US Gold Bureau Services

Primarily, the US Gold Bureau is a dealer of precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum. They offer these commodities in the form of bullion.

A variety of investment grade coin is also being provided by the company. They can offer American Eagle Coins and American Buffalo Proof 70. These are good forms of investment items.

The company also offers rollovers of IRA/401k accounts. You can direct to them if you want your existing saving account to have these precious metals.

From what we have heard, the company has vaults and storages for these items. They are also good custodians.

Just like what has been mentioned, the USGB is a good source of information regarding the precious metal industry. They also offer investor toolkits for clients who want to learn more about investing in precious metals.



Final Verdict

The US Gold Bureau is a legitimate precious metal dealer. Although some complaints have been filed to them, a significant number of these have been resolved.

However, we cannot really say that they have addressed all these issues. The only thing that we are sure right now is that they can serve your investment needs but we would advise you to proceed with caution.

With so many mixed reviews, you will need to ensure all the “T’s” are crossed and “I’s” are dotted, just to double check things are all taken care of properly.

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That’s it for now. If you have questions regarding this US Gold Bureau review, kindly post them in the comment section below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.



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