Rosland Capital Review: Is It A Legitimate IRA Company?

Rosland Capital ReviewWelcome to our Rosland Capital review!

When it comes to investments, alternative assets are already booming industry. From real estates down to cryptocurrencies, it is undeniable that stocks and bonds are no longer the kings of the jungle anymore.

Among all types of alternative assets, precious metals are the most popular. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, are among the things that belong to this category.

They are purchased either for financial leverage or long-term plans–such as IRA. Either way, having them is indeed advantageous to your part.

However, that’s really the most troublesome aspect when it comes to precious metals: finding a legitimate dealer of these items is not an easy task.

There are a lot of companies out there who are claiming that they are reputable merchants. But take it from us: not all of them are real.

So what about Rosland Capital?

Accordingly, Rosland Capital has been said to be a trustworthy provider of various alternative assets, especially precious metals. We have heard several statements that testify to this claim. Should you believe it or not? Allow us to help you decide.



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Rosland Capital Review

We have reviewed numerous precious metal and alternative asset dealers in the past. Therefore, we have already an idea as to how we should assess these companies and the things that we should look for them.

We have probed the profile and system of Rosland Capital to determine if it is among the reliable IRA dealers that you can trust. Right from the get-go, we did not see any overwhelming marketing plots from their site.


Rosland Capital Homepage


They offer different products, but there are no exaggerated deals that would make us question them.

They are not selective either. In fact, what they claim is that they prefer individual investors. There are no minimum purchases either.

You can get the products even without exceeding your budget. They accommodate direct selling of precious metals or having these metals placed on individual retirement accounts.

Upon inspecting, we have observed that there is a decent number of commemorative coins and other premium products that are being offered by Rosland Capital.

Therefore, we can say that this company is more inclined in them rather than bullion investments. But don’t worry, they still cater them. You just have to ask their customer service for this particular package.

We can say that Rosland Capital is not really an outstanding company. They do not have something that would make your jaw drop when you see it.

Compared to its competitors, we can say that this company has pretty much the same services. Therefore, you can say that there is no real difference if you invest Rosland Capital in investing in other legitimate precious metal dealers out there. The yields are just the same.

Rosland Capital primarily focuses their operations on the online platform. Their site is pretty standard; not too flashy and not too bland either.

You can easily navigate it, and all the necessary information that you need to get started are there. From the prices down to informative guides, any potential investors will really get what they want.

Notably, Rosland Capital emphasizes precious metals as a necessity, specifically as a means of protecting your existing assets and wealth.

We are not particularly against this claim. After all, any other precious metal companies have the same stand as well. Again, there’s nothing wrong about it. But that doesn’t have any leverage as to why investors should go to them.


Rosland Capital Ratings

As the time of this writing, the Rosland Capital has an A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau. It is a testament that the company has been doing well when it comes to fulfilling their transactions of their clients.

However, since its accreditation in 2018, the company has already garnered 28 complaints. According to information given by BBB, most of these issues were addressed by Rosland Capital. However, we are still not certain yet if all of them are fully resolved already.

Meanwhile, the Better Consumers Alliance (BCA) did put a triple-A rating to Rosland Capital, which further cemented their legitimacy and proficiency as service providers.

But then again, they are not the perfect company because they have five withstanding complaints that were just registered recently. Most of these clients seemingly involve faulty evaluation of the holdings of their clients.

The Trustlink, however, gave a four-out-of-five rating to this company, which for us is seemingly reasonable. After all, they have sustained some strikes from clients who have issues regarding their pricing.

But overall, we can say that Rosland Capital is a company that you can trust. It may not be as outstanding as other companies like Regal Assets and APMEX, but still, entrusting your money and time with them should be worthwhile.

For starting investors, doing business with this company is not a regrettable idea.



Rosland Capital Background

In this Rosland Capital review, we need to note that this said company is one of the youngest players in the precious metal industry. It has just been founded in 2008, which on our scale, is still just a newcomer.

Despite this, they were able to establish credibility on their services and operations. They were able to deliver what they have been saying, and since their existence, no legal disputes have been raised against them.

The CEO and business management head of Rosland Capital is a person Marin Aleksov. By all means, we have attempted to contact this person, but we were not able to get a direct line to him.

According to our research, this person should be existing. It is not some name that has been invented just to provide a standard corporate figurehead to the company.


Rosland Capital coins


Aleksov, before his stint on Rosland Capital, has a good twenty-year experience in the world of precious metals. The guy is said to know the ins and outs of precious metals, which makes him a capable trader.

We also have heard that most of his employees are trained by him. If that’s the case, then potential investors will really have a good opportunity with them.

This company is operating in 11766 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles California. We encourage those who are living nearby to visit this location.

Interestingly, we have found out that Rosland Capital has received celebrity endorsements from the likes of William Devane and Bill O’Reilly. They also have promotional ads on both television and radio.



Rosland Capital Services

As we have said, Rosland Capital does not really stand out in the competition, as they have similar services to other precious metal companies.

This company has a firm belief that gold and silver are the best hinges for inflation and other economic downfalls. It is for that very reason why they are more anchored to these precious metals than other types of alternative assets.

Rosland Capital allows direct purchases of these precious metals. However, they always promote their IRA services, especially for those who are looking for long-term investment plans for their portfolios.

They have an accredited storage, too, which is a huge plus for us.

Generally, this company has a myriad of bars, coins, bullions, and rare numismatics to offer to their clients. They will not discriminate you if you will just make a small purchase.

All of these items are freely recommended to all of their clients.

However, always remember that not all precious metals are IRA approved. For instance, numismatic coins are not suited for IRAs.



Final Verdict

Overall, we deem that Rosland Capital is a decent company to go if you want to invest in alternative assets like precious metals. If you are looking for IRA-approved gold and silver products, this particular firm can provide you with them.

Although it is true that they are not perfect, it is still not proof that you should avoid them.

But if you want the best from the get-go, you should keep reading below.

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