Heritage Gold Group Review: Investors Should Read This Now!

Heritage Gold Group Review: Investors Should Read This Now!Having gold, silver, or any precious metals in your IRA is definitely a life-saver. These things, aside from their prestigious value, can act as a hedge against inflation.

Their price is not dependent on any factors and economic crisis, after all. They can provide better stability to your savings, especially if you are aiming for a bountiful retirement plan.

There are various companies that offer these precious metals. Of course, the professional bullion market is quite proliferating these days, considering that many people are already getting aware of the importance of these commodities.

One of the investments companies who is claiming to be a reputable dealer of these items is the Heritage Gold Group.

Now, we are somehow sure that some of you haven’t heard of this entity as well. That’s why in this Heritage Gold Group review, we will give a comprehensive introduction to the company.

Furthermore, we will also divulge if this particular precious metal dealer is legitimate or not.

In this way, potential investors like you wouldn’t have to waste time figuring out the true reputation of this company. With that being said, let’s get started.



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Heritage Gold Group Review

We are always in the pursuit of the best precious metal dealer in the industry today.

It is also our aim to educate investors at the same time so that they won’t fall on the boogie traps that some of these murky investment companies are trying to offer.

Heritage Gold Group may not have similar popularity as Regal Assets or APMEX, which is completely understandable as these two are already at their pinnacle.

But of course, we don’t always consider popularity as a primary factor in deciding if a particular business is legitimate or not.

It is a very subjective factor and is always prone to be influenced by PR attempts and massive marketing pitches.

Interestingly, none of these seems to apply with the Heritage Gold Group.

Apparently, upon inspecting the site of Heritage Gold Group, we discovered it is already closed.


Closed sign


This could potentially mean that their business is already out and they are no longer in operation. With this being said, we encourage every investor out there to exercise caution whenever someone told them to go to Heritage Gold Group.

The company is no longer existing as of the moment this article is written.

Currently, the site of the Heritage Gold Group will redirect you to the DomainMarket.com. It is a third-party site that sells the existing domain names of some domains that have expired already.

This is something that we have investigated thoroughly as we want to make sure that this was the case. You see, some prompts of redirects are caused by ads and viruses.

We are giving the benefit of the doubt that the Heritage Gold Group is such a victim of such. Sadly, there’s no suspicious thing that is going around here.



Is The Heritage Gold Group Similar To Birch Gold Group?

We also checked if the company has just changed its website address or its entire identity in general. That is completely possible scenario because a lot of companies and enterprises before had done this move.

It is usually done to either remove bad remarks of their existing name or because of a merger of another company. Things like this can happen.

But after thorough research, we were never able to prove this theory.

At first, we thought that the Heritage Gold Group is the same entity as the Birch Gold Group. After all, once you run a search of the keyword “Heritage Gold Group,” you will see that some of the indexed results will direct you to Birch Gold Group.

Of course, we first believed that this is the same company that we are looking for. Apparently, they are not.

One proof of this is the location of these two companies. The Heritage Gold Group is said to be located at 6320 Canoga Ave, Woodland Hills, California 91367.

Meanwhile, the Birch Gold Group has an address that is officially registered at 3500 W Olive Ave #730, Burbank, California 91505-4652.

Coincidentally, these two are just located in California, but that doesn’t mean that the Birch Gold Group is the previous Heritage Gold Group. We haven’t tracked any information that has confirmed this move.

Another proof that the Heritage Gold Group is already closed is the lack of a Better Business Bureau profile. We had tried to search for this company on the extensive database of the Better Business Bureau.

But we were not able to scour any promising results. Instead, what we got is the profile of the Birch Gold Group. At that point, we already realized why the two are always linked together. Both of their names share the same words.

Trustpilot has the same case. They have already discarded Heritage Gold Group on their database, which simply means that this company is no longer existing.

In fact, the closest thing that you can find is still Birch Gold Group.



Why Heritage Gold Group Closed Their Business?

In this Heritage Gold Group review, we have found out that the company is closed already. As of now, we have no solid answer as to why did this happen. What we can do is just speculate based on what on what we have gathered.

We were able to find the old company profile of Heritage Gold Group in sites like Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot, and Trustlink.

Apparently, this company was doing well. It received high ratings from these sites as well as from their previous clients. According to them, the company has been doing well, especially in the aspect of selling IRA-approved metals.

They had American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and African Krugerrand on their stocks, which means that they were delivering the exact services that investors need.


Gold Coins - 5 coins


Because of this, it is still an exact mystery to us as to why the Heritage Gold Group had to disappear.

We cannot just say that they are just selling their domains just for the money, because as far as we know, precious metal trading is a far better business.

Despite this, there are some theories that we are considering. First was mismanagement. It is not impossible for investment companies to suffer from mismanagement. We have seen this thing happen from time to time. Maybe Heritage Gold Group had the same plight as well.

Another theory is that they have abandoned their business to venture another industry. Since they have monetary leverage, doing this move is very easy. But then again, we don’t have any solid pieces of evidence to support such a claim.

But why are we still seeing reviews about Heritage Gold Group even if it is no longer existing?

Well, those are matters that only the search engines can answer. But trust us. Most of those reviews are already old. They are not updated to the current status of the company.



Final Verdict

Sadly, we cannot recommend the Heritage Gold Group as a precious metal dealer for the very reason that they are no longer in operation.

The best thing that you can do right now is to look for another investment firm that provides the same services. In that case, we suggest that you go with Regal Assets.

Regal Assets are also more of an established company with a trail of high customer ratings on Trustlink, BBB, and BCA, you will also find virtually no complaints about them as well.

We also really like them because they offer segregated storage as standard so your assets are kept separate from others without the need for extra cost as other firms charge for this type of storage as well.

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That’s it for now. If you have questions about this Heritage Gold Group review, just drop them in the comment section.



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