JM Bullion Review: Is It A Legitimate Bullion Dealer?

JM Bullion ReviewChoosing a reliable gold IRA company is never an easy feat. You have to course through various options before you can find the right one that can provide extensive services and foolproof transactions.

Throughout our existence, we have encountered both the good and the bad. And that is exactly what we want to stumble upon. We want to filter which of these investment firms are safe to invest and separate from those who are trying to rip your money off.

For now, we can give Regal Assets and APMEX as the premier companies that you should check out if you are planning to get a precious metal IRA.

But of course, they are not the only ones that are claiming they are legitimate. For instance, the JM Bullion is another business firm that is claiming is trying to cement its legacy on the precious metal and IRA industry.

We have heard several things about them, and we thought that they are worth investigating upon. If people are interested in investing in them, then it is just proper that we double check them first.

If you are among those people who want to engage in this investment company, we do recommend that you check out this review about them first.

In this way, you can have a good idea of who are you dealing with.



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JM Bullion Review

According to our sources, the JM Bullion is one of the little-known mavericks in the online gold dealership industry. Many have said that this company operates under the standards and most of their transactions went smooth.

At this point, a lot of people have claimed that JM Bullion is a good choice for those who want to have a gold IRA.

While it is too early to believe on that, we have already found some pieces of evidence that might support this claim. Don’t worry. We are not skeptics. As long as the information is reliable, we can really verify them right away.

One good informant that we always refer to is the Better Business Bureau. When they say that a particular business is shabby and shady, then it is shabby and shady.


JM Bullion Homepage


Fortunately, we got a lot of contacts within the BBB that help us gather information. When we referred the JM Bullion to them, they immediately gave their thumbs up. According to them, JM Bullion–as an IRA company–should somehow be trusted.

In the BBB site, the JM Bullion received an A+ rating, which is never a bad thing. It is a testament that this company has been doing fine in their business.

It has been told to us that JM Bullion has only sustained minimal complaints, which most–if not, all–have been addressed by them.

You will be surprised that this online gold IRA firm already got more than two thousand reviews in BBB. So far, it is one of the highest reviewed gold company that we have tracked down in BBB.

Take note that out of these two thousand reviews, forty-four of these is issues and disputes that have been raised about them. We do suggest that you should check them out so that you will get an idea about the common complaints that are being raised to JM Bullion.

Consumer Affairs has a similar take with BBB when it comes to JM Bullion. In the site, the company got a 4-star rating, which is not bad already.

Unfortunately, it has been told by Consumer Affairs that JM Bullion has not yet been accredited to their database. It might have caused some discrepancies on the review, but definitely, what Consumer Affairs is saying should be trusted.

Overall, the reviews and ratings given by this third-party site about JM Bullion are legitimate. There were still complaints filed by verified buyers about the company. You should check them out.

Trustpilot has the same stance of Consumer Affairs. In fact, their ratings about JM Bullion is quite similar. People from Trustpilot has revealed to us that our company of interest is still not yet registered to them.

However, there were already reviews about them, so they still got them posted. It was only on Trustpilot that we have found “poor” ratings about JM Bullion.

Furthermore, we found that it is not only one or two people who have placed such kind of low remark. Again, we do recommend that you check those reviews out because they might help you in the future.

Overall, we still deem that JM Bullion is a legitimate trader. Their long stint in the precious metal industry is just proof that they have been doing well.

Meanwhile, they are not a perfect company. We have seen a myriad of complaints that have been placed against them. Fortunately, based on our research, a majority of these issues have been settled.



JM Bullion Background

At this point, it is pretty important that you know who JM Bullion is. There is a need for us to investigate the profile of the company and the people who are behind it.

Are they legitimate? Can they be contacted or access? Do they have a physical office or base of operation where you can go to? These questions can deliberately identify if a particular establishment is truthful or not.

Right from the start, JM Bullion has been introduced an online merchant of gold and other precious metals. They are said to focus on individual investors as their main market.

They don’t deal too much with groups of businesses who want to buy gold in bulk. After all, they are just selling individual IRAs. With this profile, we can arrive at our next point.

Silver CoinsWe don’t like companies who are too over-pitching. As much as possible, you have to avoid those firms who tell you that they can do it all. They don’t exist. And if they do, they will require serious assets and manpower to get things done.

JM Bullion appears to be demure, and that is something that we appreciate about them. They offer only limited services, which prevent confusion from clients.

JM Bullion has been in operation for eight years. They were established on December 31, 2010, and have been fully incorporated in Septer 29, 2011 as a corporate entity.

They are also known as JM Bullion Inc. If you encounter such name, please remember that they are just the same with the JM Bullion we are discussing here.

The two top brass officials of JM Bullion is CEO Michael Wittmeyer and Vice President of Operations Tom Fougerousse. Based on our research, these individuals do exist, and they have public profiles that you can access.

The company is open from Monday to Friday, 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM. However, their customer service department should be open at any time of the day. You can contact them with via this number 800-276-6508. Meanwhile, their physical location is at 11700 Preston RD STE 660154 Dallas, Texas.



JM Bullion Services

The JM Bullion is a legitimate bullion retailer that exist on the online platform. They are primarily selling silver, gold, platinum, and copper at reasonable pricing. They provide free shipping within the United States.

Don’t ever believe those who are saying that their international shipping is free.

Another thing that you have to know is the smoothness of their transaction. All of your purchases can be processed immediately and fluidly. They are following strict procedures to establish security over your account and identity.

Aside from the conventional precious metals, JM Bullion is also selling uncirculated coins and domestic and international bullion and numismatic coins. Of course, you can also get IRA-approved metals from them. If you are lucky, you can get decent discounts on their products.



Final Verdict

JM Bullion Inc. is a company that should be trusted by individual investors. They are legitimate sellers of precious metals and IRA which can help you solidify your existing investments.

You can trust this company, just like Regal Assets, when it comes to alternative assets. Their prices are right, and their transactions are all secure. You should check them out if you have the time.



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