CheckBook IRA Review – How Legitimate Is This Company?

CheckBook IRA reviewTime to time, we always find a gold company that is trying to flaunt their reputation to potential investors. It is a sight that we see almost every day.

Alongside with this are people who keep asking us if they have landed in a reputable investment firm. Of course, we have to get the answers they deserve.

We have featured actual precious metal enterprises that have a legitimate operation.

One good example of this is Regal Assets–a company that specializes in alternative assets in the form of gold IRA and cryptocurrency IRA. Such a reputable company does exist.

Therefore, we shouldn’t have to frown every time we see companies who are pitching that they can offer non-conventional to you.

But on the flipside, that’s another reason why we have to be careful. We want to get our investment safe, right?

In this review, we will feature another name that has been stirring in the precious metal circulation just this recently: the CheckBook IRA LLC. A significant number of individuals have requested us to take a look at this firm.

Specifically, they bluntly asked us if investing in this company is a sound decision or an impending disaster that they should avoid. Well, here are the things that we got.



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CheckBook IRA Review

Just as their name suggests, there’s no need for us to guess the services that this company provides. Right from the get-go, we have determined that the CheckBook IRA is a purportedly legitimate alternative assets company.

Accordingly, they are legitimate sellers and buyers of gold and other precious metals through the form of long-term accounts. Furthermore, they also claim that they are experts when it comes to solo 401(k) structures.

When a company claims that they have a solo 401(k) structure, it is a given that they give their clients the freedom to have control of their retirement accounts.

That’s what we call as “self-directed” IRA. If you have a self-directed IRA, you will be able to diversify your portfolio so that it can have a traditional asset class and alternative asset class at the same time.


CheckBook IRA Homepage


If it is real that the CheckBook IRA LLC has these types of services, investing on them would be certainly worthwhile. After all, securing your traditional assets with gold and precious metals is the best route for long-term financial security.

However, any company can claim this. So the boiling question is this now: is CheckBook IRA a company that you should trust?

We have checked the Better Business Bureau for this query. In the site, we have discovered that the company has an A+ rating.

Honestly, it did surprise us, considering that we are frankly skeptic about this company. It is a good start for the company since getting an A+ in the BBB is not something that can be done simply.

However, let us tell you this. In the site, there were no reviews that were given to CheckBook IRA LLC. No positive feedback. No negative feedback.

We can’t just find any people that have told their experiences about this company. We are quite unnerved by this because the testimonials of their existing and previous clients hold a salt to how good or bad this firm is.

We also double-checked the site on Trustpilot to get a reference for them. But then again, no rating or review was found about CheckBook IRA.

They are not also found on the Business Consumer Alliance, Rip-off Report, and TrustLink. This predicament has forced us to delve deeper into online business forums to see if we can be lucky in finding any reference about this company.

Fortunately, we have found some individuals who have told their experiences with the company. We found around four individuals who have told that they have existing IRAs in CheckBook IRA.

According to them, the process of getting an account is seemingly smooth and valid.

However, they told that the customer service of this company is not as responsive as other firms like APMEX and Advantage Gold. Furthermore, they have commented that the main site of this online gold company is too shabby that it makes them like seemingly dubious.

For the meantime, we can conclude that transacting with CheckBook IRA is still safe. The prices of their packages are fairly reasonable and valid, as they are based on the existing market prices of precious metals.

You just need to exercise caution so that you can react immediately if something fishy comes in.



CheckBook IRA Background

We also have inspected the background of CheckBook IRA LLC. It is not appropriate that we make reviews without even probing where or when the company has started. We need to discover its inception so that we can have a good idea who we are dealing with.

According to our research, the CheckBook IRA LLC has been in the industry for thirteen years already. It is quite surprising that within this period, we could barely find any reviews of them.

Being on the gold IRA business for more than a decade but not getting any customer feedback is very unusual. We can say this because new companies that have just emerged recently were already studded with testimonials.



Although not all of these comments are positive, it is a good thing to know that these investment firms are indeed “alive” and beating.

The lack of customer reviews is one of the reasons why we have honest qualms about CheckBook IRA. You will never stand on an industry for many years and get nothing — it something that we cannot just ignore.

If you have been in the in the industry for quite a time, you will definitely receive a remark for what you have done. It doesn’t help other potential investors to get attracted in their company if they can’t find testimonies from previous and existing clients.

However, just like what I said, it is still not a conclusive piece of evidence that the CheckBook IRA is not a safe gold company to invest with. Let us not forget that this company has existed for thirteen years already.

Being able to stay that long without being toppled means that they are doing a decent business. The lack of reviews might be caused by other factors, but definitely, it is not a sign that this company should be avoided.

Specifically, CheckBook IRA was established in January 31, 2005.

Currently, we are still searching for the physical office of this company if they have one. We cannot track where they are situated as of now. Fortunately, the company has disclosed some of the top brass members of their operation: Jordan Sheppard and Steve Sheppard.

You should be able to contact them or any of their representatives in this following number: (800) 482-2760. They also got a fax number, too: (866) 302-5992.



CheckBook IRA Services

Right from the start, we already disclosed that this particular amenity focuses on selling gold and precious metals IRA to possible investors. It is their main service, and probably, that’s the best thing they can offer.

However, according to the company’s website, the CheckBook IRA LLC is also offering traditional investments.

Such of these are joint ventures, mortgages and trust deeds, and rentals and foreclosures. If you are interested in these particular assets, you might want to make an appointment with this company already.


Gold Coins - 5 coins


We have also discovered that the CheckBook IRA are buying and selling gold and silver American Eagles. These are precious items that can boost the standing and integrity of your portfolio. If you can indeed get them from this investment firm, then it is worth beholding indeed.

Moreover, it is said that they are open to international investments. This should be a great choice for those who are outside the United States jurisdiction. They allow investors from abroad get the same products and services from them.

Right now, we can see that they are always showcasing their Solo 401(k) accounts and gold IRAs. We are still not sure if they have a decent structure when it comes to cryptocurrency IRAs.

We will just give an update if we can some reliable sources that can justify the Bitcoin IRAs that the CheckBook IRA LLC offer.



Final Verdict

For now, we are quite divided if we are going to recommend the CheckBook IRA to people.

Honestly, we had a hard time stitching the facts that portray the company’s reputation. We have barely seen any reviews, and we can’t yet divulge how their processing works.

We might give you a “go signal” to invest in them, especially if you have prior knowledge about online gold companies and IRAs.

If you can already scrutinize if a company is bluffing or not, then we suggest that you give CheckBook IRA LLC a try. But for starters, we suggest that you go with companies with a known reputation such as Regal Assets and APMEX.



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One gold IRA company that stands out is Regal Assets if you want to know who we recommend.  They have one of the highest ratings on Trustlink, BBB, and BCA as well as having segregated storage as a standard feature.


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If you are looking for a reliable and experienced gold IRA company, you should go with Regal Assets.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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