Kitco Review: Is This Company Worth Trusting?

Kitco ReviewThere is a need to inspect the companies or establishments where we want to invest our money. It is the only foolproof approach of ensuring that your hard-earned wealth will never go to waste.

Traditional asset classes, such as cash and stock, are susceptible to being compromised. Things like inflation and recession can cause them to lose value at a very quick pace.

Because of this, many are trying to secure their portfolios by adding alternative assets. This is where precious metals come in.

We have seen a lot of online merchants that claim that they are legitimate sellers of precious metals. Some of them have proven what their reputation.

An example of this is Regal Assets. On the flipside, there are those that are simply dubious right from the get-go.

Today, we are looking again at another online gold company: the Kitco.

Accordingly, this company has been striving in the precious metal dealership industry. But are they the entity where you can entrust your investment?

You can decide after reading this review.



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Kitco Review

Kitco, or the Kitco Metals Inc., is a known online bullion store nowadays. They are said to be a proficient dealer of precious metals and self-directed IRAs to individual or group investors.

Many said that it is a reputable merchant and can provide satisfactory services.

The reputation of the Kitco as an online gold dealer is seemingly established already. We never had a hard time finding information about this site. Their company profile is published and ready to be accessed by anyone.


Kitco Homepage


Many third-party review sites have already probed the Kitco Metals. All of them have a seemingly same consensus that indeed, this company is a legitimate investment enterprise.

Of course, anyone can either agree or disagree with these conclusions. But before you hammer the gavel, you might want to check first the reputation of this site based on various user reviews.


Company Ratings

Trustpilot is a pool of user feedback for different businesses that have been accredited by them. Fortunately, Kitco Metals were included in their database.

According to what Trustpilot is saying, Kitco Metals provides sufficient precious metal packages to individual or solo investors.

With the information that they have gathered, they assessed that Kitco does not hide anything that should cause concern to anyone.

Most of the feedback that Kitco got from Trustpilot are good. But at the same time, we discovered some written complaints and disputes about them.

Just like what we have thought, it is not a perfect company. However, we have been informed already that Kitco Metals Inc. has already settled these issues.

Meanwhile, the Better Business Bureau has relayed to us that Kitco is not accredited to them.

If a company doesn’t have accreditation in BBB, it is not an immediate indicator that the former is illegal or a scam. Instead, it is another way of saying that BBB doesn’t have enough information about the company’s profile.

However, we have noticed that BBB was still able to provide an A+ rating to this company even without the accreditation.

For us, it is a surprising feat since BBB has been known to be a rigid investigator of various businesses and investment enterprises. When we talked BBB about this, they told that the tenure of BBB in the industry is one of the reasons why they made such rating.

We also have to highlight that Kitco didn’t receive any negative feedback in the Better Business Bureau. That is something that is worth taking into account.

Other sites like TrustLink and Rip Off Report yield the same findings in regards to Kitco Metals Inc. They already suggested that investing in this online gold merchant should be a safe move.

They said that the prices of their products are competitive and reasonable and their customer service department is always responsive and helpful.

We visited online business forums to see if we can find anything relevant about Kitco. While we have seen some mentions about the site, none of them seems negative or alarming.

Therefore, we deem that Kitco Metals Inc. is indeed a reliable investment merchant.



Kitco Metals Inc. Background

One should know that the Kitco Metals Inc. is not a new player in the precious metal industry. It might be your first time hearing about them, but they are already with us for more than three decades already.

Officially, the business was founded in 1977 as a dealer and refiner of precious metal products. Just imagine the time that they have been dealing with these expensive amenities.

Anyone can immediately deduce that they already know the ropes of this business.

But for the record, let us emphasize that Kitco is not a US-based company. Instead, its operation is based on Canada, specifically in Montreal. However, we have learned that they have satellite offices in New York and Hong Kong.

Up to now, we are still tracing where is the exact location or address of these establishments. We will just update once we got the verified information.

Based on our initial research, Kitco Metals Inc. is founded by a person named Bart Kitner.

During the time of its creation, Kitner was still a college student. His earliest venture to precious metal trading is with a scrap gold that he got from a $700.

Accordingly, the succeeding deals made by Kitner were successful, allowing him to build his empire even further.

Currently, the only means of contacting Kitco Metals is through their website. You can set an online appointment with one of their agents so that you can discuss your investment plans and interests.

They should be able to provide you with the right products at the right price. You can also fax them on this number: (514) 875-6584. You should also try calling the line (323) 219-4446 because it is listed on their profile.



Kitco Metals Inc. Services

The versatility of the Kitco Metals is probably one of the reasons why it still standing tall as a precious metal dealer.

Since its inception in 1977, Kitco has been working its way as a reliable source of information for anything that is related to gold, bullion, and rare coins.

You can say that part of its job is becoming a news outlet for the latest updates about precious metals.


Gold Coins - 5 coins


Kitco also has a notorious reputation due to its live quote feature. Among all the online gold merchants that we have encountered, Kitco Metals is just among the few companies that provide this kind of service.

Up-to-date charts and guides are also being provided for their investors to follow through.

The company sells a variety of metal products such as gold, palladium, platinum, and silver. These metals are IRA-approved as well so that you can get them as an alternative asset for your portfolio.

You can also get high-quality and authentic bullions and coins from them. As what we have verified, Kitco is a legitimate distributor fo GoldMoney.

Furthermore, we have found out that Kitco is selling Signature Products, which have .9999 purity. In the industry today, such metals are considered top of the class.



Final Verdict

Based on what we have gathered, we conclude that Kitco Metals Inc. is a legitimate online gold company.

The reputation of this business in the industry is quite high and untarnished. People who have tried their services didn’t have qualms about them.

All the products they sell are authentic and guarantees profitable returns in the future.

If you are planning to have a gold IRA or any forms of alternative assets, you should check this company out.



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