Blanchard Review: Is It A Legitimate Gold Company?

Blanchard ReviewFinding a reliable gold company is like finding a real treasure in a trove. The internet today is teeming with options when it comes to these dealers.

But of course, we are all aware that not all of them can deliver the services that you are expecting. Some might have quirky processing procedures while others might be just up to no good.

In our stint as third-party reviewers, we have already discovered some amazing online gold companies. Such of these are the Regal Assets, APMEX, and Advantage Gold. We also stumbled upon corporations that are seemingly shady and should be avoided.

This time, we will discuss another online gold dealer that has popped up in our list: the Blanchard and Company, Inc.

At this point, we have to tell you that it is quite difficult to weigh in the varying feedback and testimonies about this service provider. We have encountered individuals who wrote complaints against them. But at the same time, there are also those individuals who have good things to say about the company.

With that in mind, we can say that Blanchard, as an online gold dealer, is quite controversial. Therefore, we have thought that it is prim and proper that we will be able to dissect this company and discover what’s the real score about them. This is what we found out in our Blanchard review.


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Blanchard Review

Blanchard, or formally known as the Blanchard and Company Inc., is a gold enterprise that claims to be legitimate sellers of gold and other precious metals. The company is pitching that they offer high-quality gold IRAs.

They are suggesting that with these alternative IRAs, your traditional assets–like cash, stocks, and bonds–will be securely protected. Of course, alternative IRAs work that way.

We hopped to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) site to see the standing of the Blanchard and Company Inc. What we found made our eyebrows raised.

According to the site, according to this third-party site, Blanchard is one of the largest investment firms that specialize in selling rare coins and metals. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that, right? They even got an A+ rating, which somehow indicates that they are equal to APMEX and Regal Assets.

But here’s the catch.


Blanchard home page


Despite having such a clean identity show, the customer reviews that Blanchard and Company Inc. got from the site is only two. That is not something that we cannot call reliable. We have reviewed different sites here.

Even those controversial companies have garnered hundreds to thousands of reviews. It is quite unnerving that a site that is claiming to be a large precious metal company has only two reviews in the Better Business Bureau. We cannot just let that slip by.

However, we are not yet conclusive that there is something suspicious that Blanchard is hiding. After all, the company has been in the industry for forty-four years already. They started their operation in 1974 and had been fully accredited ten years later.

But take note that it is only recently when the Blanchard has open their online platform. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why it doesn’t have a lot of reviewers in BBB.

There are some things that you have to learn about Blanchard as well:

First, they are not a member of the ICTA or the Industry Council for Tangible Assets. The ICTA is considered as the watchdogs of coins and bullions transactions on both online and conventional platforms.

Second, they don’t have a Digital IRA Application. We can also attribute to the fact that the online site of this corporation is still new. Third, their site is not Norton Secured and TRUSTe Verified.

With all of these things being said, investing in Blanchard should amount to extreme consideration first. You have to decide if whether you can let go of these speculations and trust on the long-standing reputation of the company.

If you go to with the latter, extreme caution is necessary. Test their customer service and the speed of their transactions. If you find that something is fishy, just play safe and move on to other companies instead.



Blanchard Background

Blanchard and Company Inc. started its operation on December 31, 1974, as a traditional specialist for rare coins, bullion, and other precious metal products. Their business was fully incorporated on 1992 in Los Angeles California.

The Better Business Bureau has the file of this company since 1978, which is the very reason why we were surprised by its low number of customer feedback.

This company is said to be operating in different locations around the world. However, its primary office is found at New Orleans. Specifically, it is located at 909 Poydras Street, Suite 1900, New Orleans, LA 70112.

You can freely visit this address if you wish to transact with them personally. But of course, some people would not find it too impractical to go to the main office of Blanchard due to the distance and expenses of going there. But if you are just nearby, dropping by would be a good idea.

The very top brass officer that Blanchard shows is David Beahm. The latter is the Marketing Director of the company. Beahm is also head of the customer service of Blanchard. There are several instances where some of the previous clients of the company were able to communicate with this person.

We are also trying our best to contact him through these following numbers: (800) 880-4653 and (504) 837-3010. However, we are still waiting for his response.

Upon our research, we have discovered that it was James U. Blanchard that has established the Blanchard and Company, Inc.

Accordingly, he was among the pioneers who spearheaded the legalization of gold as a type of private commodity. It was also told he is among the few people who made gold IRAs a reality today.



Blanchard Services

Of course, Blanchard has a plethora of services that they are flaunting to interested investors.

Most of their services revolve around the selling of rare coins and bullions. They also have packages that give you access to gold IRAs and other assets that involve precious metals.

Blanchard has a Buyback Guarantee. It allows the investor to buy gold from them and sell it on a later time or date if the market price is seemingly appealing already.

Many gold IRAs has this kind of feature, so it is quite important that Blanchard has included them. If you have gold and other precious metals in your possession, Blanchard can buy them. It

These are the primary services that Blanchard can offer to you. However, there are some key features that they offer on their packages. Blanchard allows you to purchase coins and bullion from them and add to your existing IRA.

They also ensure that the account you acquire from them is self-directed, which means that you have the total control to the investment plan that you want to make.



Final Verdict

Overall, it is quite hard to decide if Blanchard and Company Inc., is a worthy investment firm to recommend. Because there are a lot of varying reviews about them, deciding if it is a good choice for potential investors is still a baffling move.

The best thing that you can do is to talk to their customer service first and see if they will give you the desired services that you are expecting. If they are trying to sell too much at an unprecedented rate, that’s a call sign that you have to drop them.

On the other hand, discarding the years of existence of Blanchard to the gold buy-and-sell business is not something that we would do. We just want you to balance out the reputation and services of this company.



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