Review: Is This Precious Metal Dealer Worth Trusting? ReviewLooking to see if is the right firm for you to invest in?  Look no further, our review below will give you the information you need to make an inform decision.

Purchasing precious metals is not a trivial process. You have to take into account a lot of factors.

You just don’t see at the spot and future prices and decide right away and it’s best you educate yourself at least before you start investing.

Fortunately, the learning curve doesn’t have to be so difficult. If you will be able to land yourself to a legitimate fine metal bullion dealer, this problem is already good as solved.

Now, one should know that the number of merchants in the precious metal industry has escalated dramatically in recent years. They are growing like mushrooms. But just like mushrooms, most of them can poison your wealth.

To help avoid this particular predicament, we have been doing our best to scrutinize every dealer that we encounter. This time, we will review the company called the GoldSilver.

Accordingly, this particular entity is a legitimate trader in the professional bullion market. If you want to know if this claim has validity on it, better check the in-depth company analysis we made below.



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GoldSilver, or popularly known today as the, is another business unit in the precious metal industry that has a strong claim for legitimacy. They assert that their services are prolific and all of their products are authentic and damage-free.

Of course, as a third-party reviewer, we always give companies like GoldSilver the benefit of the doubt.

In this way, we will be able to probe the background and reputation of the company without succumbing from bias. Furthermore, it gives us time to somehow study their inner workings. Homepage


Based on our research, GoldSilver primarily operates on the online platform. It seems that they have been incepted on the internet and most of their operations are concentrated there.

In fact, there are assertions that it is among the first bullion dealer that has opened a website for their business.

We are no stranger when it comes to precious metal dealers that are heavily utilizing the internet in their marketing and operations. These things are pretty normal these days.

However, it is not a good thing either if a company only exists virtually. It can cause troublesome instances, especially if you want to make appointments or file complaints.

Fortunately, this seems not to be the case of GoldSilver. At first, we thought that it is just an internet entity. But since they were able to provide a verified location for their physical office, we did drop our suspicions already.

Most of the products that are offered by the site are gold and silver bullion. It seems that they don’t offer any other precious metals like palladium and platinum. No other alternative assets are also included in their catalogue.

Therefore, we have to conclude that this site only focuses on gold and silver. Fortunately, they do offer IRA-approved metals, aside from the premium and rare collections that you can get from them.

New investors can benefit from their investor kit. It is something that you can use if you want to know the basics of investing in precious metals.

Any bullion trader should provide this kind of service. After all, they shouldn’t expect that all of their clients have experience in purchasing these commodities.


GoldSilver Ratings

The reputation of GoldSilver is quite the average. They got some positive remarks from the community that they are operating.

The site Trustpilot has given them a four-star rating, which is a star-lower than other precious metal dealers that we have reviewed in the past. But don’t get us wrong. That is still a high score.

In the same site, the GoldSilver got around 600 reviews, of which 77% of these are positive while roughly 5% are bad. Fortunately, the customer service of GoldSilver is addressing the issues being thrown at them.

However, the most notable thing that we discovered about GoldSilver is their illegal use of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company is not accredited and registered in BBB.

However, the former still claimed that the Better Business Bureau recognizes them. Because of this infringement, the Better Business Bureau gave an “F” rating to the company with a severe warning about them.

So where should this lead us? Well, we can still say that GoldSilver is still a reputable dealer of gold and silver metals. However, you shouldn’t expect that they have extensive and premium services.

One should not also forget that they have illegally used the name of reputable sites to promote their business. That’s something that you shouldn’t shrug off. Either way, you just have to be careful when transacting with them.


Website Not Secured

Upon inspecting the site of, we have found out that they are pretty average. There are not exceptional features or services that certainly lure customers.

All the necessary tools for investors are present in the site, but they are nothing out of the ordinary. It is not a bad thing, but definitely, not a show-stopper that we were expecting.

However, we noticed that their website is NOT fully secured as seen below: Website is not secured


What that means is that you cannot trust this website with your personal information and thus, you should not make any online transactions on their website.

You will be risking all your financial and personal information you enter through that unsecured website.  This is a very weak oversight on their part as they have been processing a lot of online transactions with this unsecured site.

So, use at your own risk.



GoldSilver Background

In this review, we have learned the pros and cons of the company GoldSilver. Just like what we have expected, the company is not as perfect as other claims it to be.

We will not also buy the idea that they a global leader in precious metal investments because they are simply aren’t.

This company, compared to all the dealers that are in the professional bullion market, is still new. The business just started in 2014, which is like a child when placed to companies who have been in the industry for more than decades already.

Despite this, we cannot sill downplay the fact that they did pretty well.

Apparently, the GoldSilver was founded by a person named Mike Maloney. Based on what we have gathered, this person is said to be a popular precious metal advisor.

It has been stated as well that Maloney has written books for investments, such as the “Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver.” We are still verifying if the claim that Maloney is an adviser of Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) is true.

The company has a physical address where you can freely visit. Specifically, it is located at 300 Corporate Pointe STE 320 Culver City, California, 90230-7642. This address is verified.

Meanwhile, the customer service line of the GoldSilver is the following: (844) 763-4046. For questions and complaints, you should call this number.



GoldSilver Services

Just like what we have stated, the services of GoldSilver company is pretty limited.

Maybe the reason for that is that they are still a new entity in the industry. It could also be that they are no interested in engaging in other commodities and products.

Specifically, what you can get from this company are gold and silver bullion. You can get a variety of gold and silver coins from them.

They have the American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Austrian Philharmonic, Australian Kangaroo, and African Krugerrand. These coins are IRA-approved and are great for investment purposes.

GoldSilver allows bulk purchases in any of these commodities. Apparently, buying bulk from them will entitle you to discounts and offers.

We think that these packages are worth checking out. Bullion gold and silver bars are also being offered by the company.



Final Verdict

Because it is a new company, we completely understand that GoldSilver is still at its adjustment phase. They haven’t perfected their operations yet, so we still had to consider the flaws that they have.

We haven’t read about bait-and-switch issues that are directly pointed to the company.

However, because their website is not fully secured, we would not recommend you use any of their online services and speak with them in person or over the phone instead.

But just like what we have stated in this review, exercising caution is still necessary in all aspects with this firm.

If you can see some regularities, you have to address them to the customer service department of the company. In this way, you’ll avoid unwanted inconveniences.

At this time, we do not recommend you use



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