Broad Financial Review: Should You Trust This Investment Firm?

Broad Financial ReviewWe are always looking for legitimate online gold dealers in the vast universe of the internet.

With the increasing awareness of people regarding the importance of gold and precious metals as alternative assets, we have seen a rise in various investment firms that are claiming that they can give you these things.

Of course, we can say that half of these corporations are true. We have encountered a lot of them in our stint as a third-party reviewer. Regal Assets and APMEX are among the best examples of online gold companies that you can trust.

However, to our dismay, there are a number of these companies that are seemingly bogus and just there to rip your money off. It is best that you avoid them.

The next company that we will be reviewing is the Broad Financial. Some of our readers have sent emails on our inbox, directly requesting us to thoroughly probe this company.

According to them, Broad Financial is still new, and it would be best if we can already have an early breakdown of their services and performance. Well, it is our job to review online investment companies anyway.

Here are the things that we discovered about Broad Financial.


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Broad Financial Review

Right from the get-go, we have to divulge that we had a difficult time finding the essential information regarding Broad Financial.

Being a new company, there are still a limited number of people who have tried their services. Even other reputable third-party sites have a few details about them. But still, we are persistent enough to get as much related information regarding this company.

Our first stop was Better Business Bureau or BBB. This is the very site that directly indicates if a company has legitimate service and operation. If a company has a bad reputation in BBB, there’s a good chance that they will not satisfy your requirements. It would be best if you will just avoid them.


Broad Financial Homepage


When we searched Broad Financial LLC in Better Business Bureau, the company is indeed present in their registry. However, we have noticed that this company doesn’t have any BBB rating yet.

It is quite a dumbfounding discovery that left us thinking. If they don’t have a rating yet in BBB, does it mean that they are already bogus? Fortunately, that’s not really the case.

Although it is true that Broad Financial is not yet rated in BBB, the company still got 51 positive reviews there. Most of these individuals told that the company has excellent customer service.

According to them, the company is quite helpful. They are also flexible, too. They are capable of handling different IRAs and making them self-directed for a more user-inclined experience.

Sadly, Broad Financial is not listed in TrustLink. We could have made a counter reference there regarding this company.

Good thing, they are present in Trustpilot. In the site, Broad Financial has a four out of five rating, which is pretty decent already. It is a reflection to the positive user feedback that the company got in BBB.

For us, trusting Broad Financial as an online gold dealer is something that you can do. We have dug deeper into some business forums and found out that the quality of services of Broad Financial has reached there.

It is a testament that Broad Financial is a reputable company, despite being a new player in the industry.



Broad Financial Background

It is a good thing to know that Broad Financial is sailing well in the rough waters of gold retail. We find this company as something that is notable. In the extent of our research, we haven’t seen any negative reviews that the company sustained.

This company has been established in 2004. Being able to execute consistency on their service is something that we have to applaud.

Broad Financial has been established to provide diverse precious metal IRAs to interested clients. The company is said to offer a myriad of precious metals–which includes gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

They are also open to sellers, which is great for those individuals who are in physical possession of these items. As far as we have heard, the company is also selling rare coins and bullions.

Broad Financial was given birth in New York. Interestingly, the company was originally made as a type of real estate firm. But due to the increasing demand for gold and the introduction of alternative retirement assets, the company has shifted its business plan.

Gold BarsRight now, Broad Financial still has some real estate operations. However, most of their efforts are already directed to precious metal investments.

The main office of Broad Financial LLC is located at 21 Robert Pitt Dr. Ste 202 Monsey, NY. The presence of a physical office somehow ensures the legitimacy of this company as a precious metal dealer.

Anyone is welcomed to visit their place for direct inquiry about their services and packages. However, if the travel seems to impractical for you, just visit their online platform instead.

There is only one line where you can contact Broad Financial. It is (888) 752-0761. According to some of their existing clients, once you dial this number, a technical crew from the company will talk to you. The calls that you can make can be scheduled, which is great for those people who are quite busy.

Currently, the owner of Broad Financial are Mervyn Klein, Brian Finkelstein, and Daniel Gleich. They are the ones that are being advertised by this firm as the executives that oversee its operation.



Broad Financial Services

As potential investors, you have to know that the services of Broad Financial LLC are quite diversified. Just like what we have mentioned, the company started as a real estate firm. You can consult their professionals to see if they can handle your investment requirements.

As a service provider, Broad Financial mainly focuses on selling alternative IRAs. You can say that they are a legitimate custodian of IRAs that allows you to have total control over your account.

Just like Regal Assets, Broad Financial also offers alternative assets in the form of cryptocurrencies–specifically Bitcoin. With this company, you can integrate both precious metals and cryptocurrencies in your IRA so that you can have a more stable and diversified portfolio.

Here are some of the other specific services that this company offer:


Control Over Your Checkbook

Accordingly, Broad Financial is giving the direction option that allows their investors that will redirect the IRA or 401(k) to any assets that the company offers.

If that’s the case, any of their clients will be able to react to the external changes in the economy and geopolitical landscape.

For instance, if the price of cryptocurrencies goes down, you may immediately sell or convert them to other tangible assets.


Fund Rollover

It is also notable that Broad Financial ensures that their clients have access to their rollover services. You can do a fund rollover to any of your existing IRA within the company.

It doesn’t matter if you go for a 401(k), Roth IRA, or SEP IRA, the rollover will always be available.



Final Verdict

Even without an existing rating in the Better Business Bureau, we cannot dismiss the fact that the Broad Financial is a legitimate gold IRA company.

Since its inception in 2004, the company has not yet received any serious negative feedback from anyone. Considering that they have been recognized by numerous individuals and third-party investment firms is proof that this company has a reputable standing already.

Transacting with Broad Financial is supposed to be safe and worth your time. You should check their services out. They should have similar services as Regal Assets.



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