Capital Gold Group Review: Should You Put Your Capital On This Company

Capital Gold Group ReviewAs a third-party reviewing firm, we are always aware that a new gold dealer company can sprout any time of the day. We are in an era where the awareness of people when it comes to precious metals are high.

It is proof that more and more are getting interested in getting these items to be included in their portfolio. As a result, many companies are trying to ride this wealth wave.

Online gold dealers are quite proliferating nowadays. As evidence for that, we have a plethora of companies that had undergone our scrutiny already.

Fortunately, these companies did prove to us that they are real. If you are a starter, you should check out reviews about Regal Assets, APMEX, Advantage Gold, and Broad Financial. These are some of the most notable names that we have encountered so far.

This time, we will be introducing a new investment firm for you: the Capital Gold Group. We are somehow sure that some of you have heard about this company.

If you are delving in the world of gold retail, you might have encountered this firm already. They are among the rising gold companies nowadays that specialize in gold IRAs, alternative assets, and rare products.

Of course, there’s still a need for us to inspect the background, reputation, and operation of this company. We have to disclose whatever information we can gather regarding the Capital Gold Group.

In this way, you will have a good idea if they are the investment firm that you can safely invest your assets.



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Capital Gold Group Review

The Capital Gold Group is not a new name in the industry. It has been there for a quite already. Specifically, the company operates in the precious metal markets. They do sell gold to anyone, as long as the investor can meet up their prices.

Accordingly, they are not too picky when it comes to their clients. They will assist any greenhorns and ensure that they will be taught of the investment plan that they are planning to make.

This company specializes in long-term portfolios, which should specifically involve Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). Based on probing, the company is trying to promote these precious metals as a form of inclusion in traditional investments.

Originally, we know that conventional asset classes (e.g. bonds and stocks) are dominating the investment market. However, Capital Gold Group asserted that precious metals would fully solidify anyone’s portfolio.


Capital Gold Group Homepage


Is this marketing pitch by Capital Gold Group taken well by investors? Well, we have several references to take this story into completeness.

The first destination we went is the Better Business Bureau or BBB. This is the one-stop-shop where we can identify the existing reputation of any enterprise. We tracked if Capital Gold Group is present there. The company is there, so it is a plus already.

The BBB has accredited it on July 5, 2016. But according to the site, Capital Gold Group is already in the industry for thirteen years.

We also found out that this investment firm has an overall BBB rating of A+. This signifies that the company has been doing well and people who have tried their services were pretty satisfied with them.

However, we have to emphasize that this enterprise has received five complaints in the BBB. We are still on our way of gathering information if these disputes that have been raised against Capital Gold Group has been settled.

The next destination we visited is Trustpilot. In this site, the Capital Gold Group has garnered a 4-out-5 rating, which is already pretty decent.

The rating entirely reflects the grade that the company has received in the Better Business Bureau. Interestingly, we haven’t seen negative feedback about the CGG in the Trustpilot site.

It is something that we have to double check since the company didn’t get a perfect score in the site.


Trust Link 4 Star Rating


Meanwhile, the Business Consumer Alliance has given Capital Gold Group an AAA rating. But alongside its high remark, nine complaints were listed against the company.

Take note that CGG was not able to address all of these issues. Therefore, it is something that you have to think about whenever you are engaging in this firm.

So far, we discovered that most of the reviews about Capital Gold Group is present on TrustLink. In there, we found over two hundred reviews about the company.

Most of them were positive, which should cause relief on your part. But of course, the ratings were not perfect. We have expected it already.

A 4.6 out of 5 rating is the mark of CGG in TrustLink, which is completely understandable, given the number of complaints that it received. We were also probing if the company already settled these complaints.

Overall, we can say that Capital Gold Group is a decent and legitimate company. Investing in them should be safe.

However, you should always be careful of the procedures and transactions you are making on them. In this way, you will have a safety net from potential problems.



Capital Gold Group Background

Just like what we said, the CGG should be a reliable gold dealer company. However, they also focus on other types of precious and rare metals.

Specifically, they are selling these products as a form of alternative assets for long-term investments and IRAs. Purchasing these metals would somehow help diversify your traditional accounts.

The official name of this business is Capital Gold Group, Inc. They have been in the industry for thirteen years already. It has been established by Jonathan Rose. Accordingly, Rose is still the current president and CEO of the company.

Right from its inception, the company is engaging in the retail of gold and other expensive types of metals. They have been officially classified as gold dealers and bullion coin dealers.

Meanwhile, their online site has just been launched recently.

Specifically, the main office of the Capital Gold Group is located at 21700 Oxnard Street #600, Woodland Hills, California. There are two given contact numbers where you can contact this company: (800) 510-9594 and (800) 465-3998.

Being able to disclose their central place of operation and contact lines are good proofs that this company is not hiding anything.



Capital Gold Group Services

The specialization of Capital Gold Group lies on precious metals and its retail.

They primary sell these items as form investment opportunities to those people who wants to escape the bonds of traditional investments. If you are planning on having an alternative asset on your portfolio, you might want to check out the packages of this company.

From gold down to ancient coins and rare coins, they are all available inCapital Gold Group. You can also make long-term investments in this company through the form of IRAs.

Furthermore, if you are in possession of numismatic coins, this enterprise can buy them at a very reasonable price.

All the current prices of these metals and other expensive amenities in the market are being highlighted in their site. You will never be blindsided of what you are getting from them.

Moreover, they can also provide sufficient technical assistance. Accordingly, their customer service agents are pretty knowledgeable and know the ins and outs of precious metal investments.



Final Verdict

As of now, we can say that the Capital Gold Group is a legitimate online gold company. The number of positive feedback that it acquired is significantly greater than the complaints that it received. It is an indicator that the company is not perfect.

But definitely, they will rip your money off. But just to be safe, make sure that you contact or make an appointment with them. Through this, you can decide if they are worth your time and money.



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