Fisher Precious Metal Review: Is It A Good Precious Metal Dealer?

Fisher Precious Metal ReviewWelcome to our Fisher Precious Metal review!

Investing in precious metals is a very nice thing, especially if you are still young. There’s a lot of room for you to utilize whatever you have right not to get better quantities of gold.

Many people today are trying to diversify their portfolio by having parts of their 401(k)/IRA be used to purchase gold and other precious metals. That’s a wise move, especially if you are looking forward to securing your future and build your assets.

Right now, one of the most important things that you need to secure is the dealer of these items.

Specifically, it is a crucial thing that you can find yourself a reputable precious metal dealer in the bullion market. One of the enterprises that are claiming to be one is the Fisher Precious Metal.

Now, is this company worth trusting? Should you just pass them? You can decide after reading this entire account of this company.



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Fisher Precious Metal Review

The Fisher Precious Metals has an elaborate claim that they are a trustworthy dealer of precious metals. It has been stated on their website that they have been operating as a legitimate bullion dealer in the United States for many years already.

It seems that the company has a diversified set of services. They have multiple commodities that are related to gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Upon inspection, some of these are IRA-approved while others are meant for collection purposes.

They also have a systematic display for the spot prices of these said items. They have the prices charted into graphs so that you will be able to see the progression.

In this way, you will be able to make sound predictions for the perfect time to sell or buy precious metals.

The company also offers a sign-up service where any investor could get educational materials that are related to precious metals and other financial investments.


Fisher Precious Metal Home Page


For ordinary investors, such resources are crucial. These are the basic knowledge that they need to avoid fraud and scams.

Accordingly, the very aim of this company is to ensure that no individuals will be caught off guard by fake dealers. By opting to their services, the company asserts people will be sure that their hard-earned money won’t go to waste.

For now, based on the reviews that we have seen regarding the Fisher Precious Metals, such a statement is somehow believable. We haven’t encountered any legal complaints or lawsuits that are filed against this company either.

Furthermore, the website of the Fisher Precious Metals has a section where you can see the latest news and updates that are related to the industry.

It is an extra feature that is very useful to every investor who wants to know all the factors that could affect the pricing and supply of their desired commodity.

Based on what we have read, all of the information that has been given by the site are quite relevant and significant.


Customer Feedback


Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a reliable review aggregate site for businesses and enterprises. Being rated well on BBB means that your company has a good standing and commendable performance.

The Fisher Precious Metals has an A+ rating in the industry. It is something worth noting. It also got twenty-one reviews in the site, of which all of them are positive feedback.

With these things being presented, it is safe to say that this precious metal company has already proven its authenticity. They have a complete profile and contact numbers listed on BBB as well.

They are indeed transparent as what they have promised.



Meanwhile, Yelp also has a similar projection to Fisher Precious Metals. During the time that this article was written, Yelp has rated this bullion dealer with a 5-star rating.


5 Star Rating


Of course, it is hard to question the authenticity of the reviewers that are listed in Yelp. After all, most of them are real people that were able to have the first-hand transaction with various companies.

If the Fisher Precious Metals has been rated without any spoil in Yelp, it simply means that they are a company that you can trust completely.

According to the feedback of their previous clients, the Fisher Precious Metals has been responsive to the demands and requests. It was mentioned as well that they are far from committing cheap tricks such as switch-and-bait.


Notably, the company is not listed to other review aggregate sites like Better Consumer Alliance, TrustLink, and Trustpilot.

However, the things that we have gathered about the company is solid proof that the latter has a proficient service. They provide authentic metals for prices that are indeed competitive.



Fisher Precious Metals Background

We have deemed in this Fisher Precious Metals review that this company is authentic and performing very well. According to what we have gathered, the Fisher Precious Metals is a family-owned company.

Explicitly, it is said that it is owned by a couple named John and Lynn Fisher. They started this business in 2013 as individual investors.

It is not clearly stated if these two had been affiliated to different precious metals company in the past. However, it is ascertained that these two probably have learned the ropes of transacting special commodities.

It is quite apparent that the company’s pursuit is to prevent people from getting scammed by fake bullion companies. As we all know, these malign entities are existent.


Fisher Precious Metal Coins They Offer


Purportedly, such issues can be resolved by acquiring their investor kits and other resources that are related to investing in precious metals. They also have one of the best one-on-one client guidance in the industry as of the moment.

Because of the proficiency of the company, it was able to receive the highly-coveted 2018 USA Bullion Dealer of the Year from the annual voting of the Bullion Directory.

It has been emphasized as well that John Fisher is the vice chairperson of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA). The Fishers are also a part of Kingdom Advisors–a group of financial advisors.

Fisher Precious Metals is an accredited member of various organizations such as the Professional Numismatics Guild, Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, Professional Coin Grading Service, and the American Numismatic Association.

This company is based in Florida. They have a physical address there, which is located at Deerfield Beach. You can contact them in this (800) 390-8576.



Fisher Precious Metals Services

Just by looking at their website, it is pretty clear that the Fisher Precious Metals focuses on dealing a variety of precious metals. They have different types of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

We are quite surprised that they have a plethora of selection. From the American Gold Eagle Coins to Gold Maple Leaf down to the Pre-1933 Coins, the company is said to offer them.

Notably, they are also sellers of diamond and other fine jewelry. Perhaps, this is their difference with other precious metal companies, as they are not dealing with these items.

Of course, they also offer IRA rollovers. It is quite interesting that their IRA program is comprehensive and informative. The company provides full guidance for investors so that they will be able to decide the extent of their investment.

The customer service of Fisher Precious Metals has been satisfactory as well. We haven’t found any complaints regarding failed transactions or unruly agents.

The shipping procedures have been fair as well. No known issues or delays or overcharging have been noticed.



Final Verdict

We deem that the Fisher Precious Metals is an excellent company if you are looking to get different types of precious metals for investment and collection purposes.

They can offer authentic and fine precious metals to any investors at a price range that has never been ripped. Furthermore, they have excellent IRA rollover services.

Overall, the reputation of this company has been smooth and commendable. Amateur investors should try to consult their needs to them as there have been reports that this company is very accommodating.



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That’s it for now. If you have questions to this Fisher Precious Metals review, drop them in the comment section below.



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