Is Regal Assets A Scam: A Thorough Investigation

Is Regal Assets A Scam?When it comes to gold and precious metal trading online, there’s one name that has been appearing in the searches: Regal Assets.

As affluent as their name, Regal Assets has a tough and solid claim that gold and cryptocurrencies are among the types of assets that can protect your traditional wealth in your portfolio.

When browsing their site, it has been noted that the company also offers other precious metals like silver, palladium, and platinum. Regal Assets also boast about the importance of diversified IRAs.

Now, all of these things look promising. If these claims from the Regal Assets are true, then they are the big pot of gold over the end of the rainbow that you are looking for.

But what if Regal Assets is a scam? What if this is just another bogus site that wants to rip the money out of your pocket?

Should you trust this company? Is Regal Assets a scam just like what other people and sites are claiming?

Well, let’s find out here.



Divulging The Background of Regal Assets

The first thing that we did in this review to uncover who Regal Assets is. We tried our best to reveal the people who started the company and the current individuals who are operating it.

As of now, we only learned that Regal Assets is managed by Tyler Gallagher–its CEO. In our research, the current address where you can meet this person personally is at 2600 W. Olive Avenue, 5th Floor, Burbank, CA 91505.


Regal Assets home page


However, it has been revealed by some sources that Regal Assets have some other branches in the UAE and Canada.

Accordingly, Regal Assets have been existing for more than a decade already. Most of its services involve the trading and selling of upscale financial amenities like precious metals.

It is only recently that the company has offered cryptocurrency on their products.

Throughout its existence, the Regal Assets gold IRA investment company have been a recipient of multiple awards.

One of the most notable recognition that it had acquired is its inclusion on the 500 List of the Inc. Magazine in 2013. It is a list that highlights the top-performing private companies in the United States.

In our research, we also discovered that the company had been mentioned by Forbes, Bloomberg, HuffingtonPost, and Reuters. However, we also found that some of the sites that acknowledges Regal Assets are private PR sites.

If we balance these things out, it could be concluded that Regal Assets have been trying to promote itself on search engines. But at the same time, we do find that the awards that have been received by the company are legitimate.



Breakdown of Services Given By Regal Assets

The company established by Tyler Gallagher has a significant emphasis on the importance of gold as a form of indomitable investment. According to Gallagher, any class of traditional assets that are not backed by gold or precious metals are at risk.

Regal Assets always believe that investing in alternative assets like gold and cryptocurrency is the most brilliant financial move a person can make.

Because of these premises, it is quite evident that the primary services offered by Regal Assets are gold and cryptocurrency IRA. In fact, they even have provisions where a person is free to mix cryptocurrency and precious metals on their portfolio.


Gold Bullion


Regal Assets is said to be a legitimate seller of gold in the form of coins, bullion, and bars. We were able to track some of their current and previous clients from financial and economic forum sites.

According to them, Regal Assets was able to deliver what they have promised. They have multiple payments too, as they have told. It makes each transaction faster and safer.

Specifically, two packages are primarily endorsed by the company. Here are they:

  • Merchant Package – In our analysis, the Merchant Package of Regal Assets is the most affordable investment option that a person can take. The overall cost of this product is around $5,000 and can be used to acquire physical gold and other precious metals. It has been assured by the company that these items can be liquidated legally whenever the investors want them to be. Moreover, the taxes for these items are said to be bound on a fair policy–making it a sound investment.
  • Knighthood Package – The Knighthood package is the bigger version of the Merchant Package. It has the same terms and policies as the first package. However, this one costs $10,000 and typically offered to individuals who want to establish solid financial protection to their small businesses or families.

When it comes to gold IRA portfolios, Regal Assets has four packages:

  • Legacy Portfolio – This one costs $25,000 according to their site. It is supposedly an excellent choice for those who are looking for a quick return of investment. Profit is said to be faster for this portfolio.
  • Kingship Portfolio – With a price of $50,000, the Kingship Portfolio is tailored to protect medium-size investments and companies from the ravages of inflation. It is the entry-level portfolio of Regal Assets that is said to be most efficient for start-up businesses.
  • Dynasty Portfolio – The Dynasty Portfolio costs $10,000. Right from the get-go, it is no small amount to invest. Throughout our research, we have met some individuals who are interested in this product but became reluctant because of the price. According to Regal Assets, this particular portfolio is designed to yield profitable investments and at the same time, provide security to your existing assets.
  • Coronation Portfolio – This gold portfolio is quite expensive due to the fact that it costs $250,000 or more. For whatever reason, this one is seemingly meant for individuals and companies that have high net-worth. Regal Assets has asserted that this portfolio is ideal only if you are interested in generational or long-term wealth protection and growth.

As what we can see, the amount that you need to invest for you to get the primary products of Regal Assets should never be low. It can make reluctant and undecided individuals back off from this site. Of course, we have observed that the price of these services is one of the major issues people raise to Regal Assets.

But if you are an experienced investor, the expensiveness of these packages is a proof that Regal Assets is not playing around. After all, you can’t expect that you can get gold and precious metals at an entry-level price. That’s definitely suspicious!

Another thing: The prices set by Regal Assets are attuned to the concurrent prices of precious metals and cryptocurrency. They always post the latest changes in the value of these amenities on their website. And even if you double check it to other high-authority sites, their prices are matched.

As third-party reviewers, this particular factor is a huge deal for us. A properly set costing is an indicator that the site is simply abiding by the industry’s standards. It is a reflection of their standing to the community and how sincere they are to their clients.

Because of this, it is not a surprise anymore that there are no negative reviews about Regal Assets on the Better Business Bureau.




Thumbs UpIs Regal Asset a scam? Based on our findings, the answer to this question is a clear no.

The company has been in the business for more than decades already. They have physical offices that you can visit. They also have a group of working staff that can assist their clients.

It is completely understandable if someone would get suspicious to sites like this. But among all the online gold trading platforms that we have encountered, Regal Assets has the most solid reputation.

You can see this in their ratings as well below:


  • BBB Rating: A+, 4.5 stars based on 2 Reviews, 0 Complaints
  • BCA Rating: AAA, Regal Assets Trust Link 5 Star Rating based on 56 Reviews, 0 Complaints
  • Trustlink Rating: Regal Assets Trust Link 5 Star Rating based on 1058 Reviews as of this review.

Regal Assets ratings


Regal Assets has very well mannered customer service as well.  They will follow up but not overly pushing you sales, they are instead there to help you.

You can request a free gold kit from them no problem:


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