American Bullion Review: Yay or Nay?

American Bullion reviewGlad you’ve landed on our American Bullion review, you will find the pertinent information you need to make a wise decision to use this company or not.

There are different things that you need to do to ensure that your existing assets are safe despite economic challenges. Even your treasured stocks and bonds are still susceptible to losing their value due to inflation and other major crisis.

If you are a new investor, safeguarding your wealth is quite difficult. It might even give you some anxieties.

Fortunately, the process can be simple. As long as you have precious metals on your portfolio, you will be able to survive these ordeals.

Now, there are several guidelines when it comes to precious metal acquisition. One of these is getting a reputable dealer that would sell these commodities to you at a given certainty.

Luckily, the professional bullion market has a lot to offer to you. But if you will not do prior scrutiny, you will fall to the wrong hands.

The American Bullion, Inc. is among the companies that systematically claim that they are legitimate traders of various precious metals.

Purportedly, this trader performs well in the industry and has built enough reputation.

But are all these things about American Bullion true? Let’s find out.



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American Bullion Review

Precious metal companies can be like mushrooms–they can sprout of nowhere. It is the very reason why we are actively probing all the traders that we encounter and see if they live up to what they are portraying themselves.

In our journey, we have seen excellent companies that did pretty well when it comes to dealing with precious metals and other related commodities. It is proof that you shouldn’t distrust this industry, as there are worthy things that you can get here.

So how about the American Bullion, Inc? What are our thoughts about them?


American Bullion homepage


Well, based on our research, the American Bullion, Inc. is one of the most popular companies that operate in the precious metal industry.

We have found out that there are a lot of people already who have invested in this company. And apparently, the majority of their clients are pretty happy with them.

There are a lot of positive reviews that we have read about American Bullion but the one that did steal our attention is the given capability of the company to guide and teach their customers.

It has been said that their customer service agents are pretty helpful, which is a necessary feature that a precious metal company should have.

Take into account that process of converting 401k and IRA into precious metals like gold and silver is not easy.

However, the people who had purchased these accounts to American Bullion did not experience any cumbersome predicaments.

Furthermore, we have also confirmed that the company also offers a myriad of precious metal commodities. If you are not interested in IRAs and just want to get physical gold or silver, American Bullion can provide to you.

As far as what we have researched, they are capable of delivering these products to your doorstep safely and anonymously. It is a kind of reliability that any investor should seek to any bullion dealer.


Customer Feedback

Of course, nobody ever said that American Bullion is flawless. There were still complaints that we have seen regarding the company.

For instance, in the site of Better Business Bureau, the said company got six complaints. Some of these are issues regarding their sales agents.

However, there is one notable complaint that alleged American Bullion for overbooking a particular commodity. Fortunately, it seemed that this matter was settled already.

Overall, in the Better Business Bureau, the American Bullion has an A+ rating. Despite the presence of complaints, the majority of the customer feedback on the site for the company is still positive.

The profile of American Bullion in Trustpilot is still pretty impressive. It still has a 5-star rating, which somehow solidifies its legitimacy as a bullion dealer.

It got over 170 reviews already in the site. Eighty-three percent of these are positive while roughly four percent can be said as bad. It goes to show that trusting American Bullion is not a bad decision.

Right now, we have to tell you that we have no qualms about the services and products offered by the American Bullion.

There are a lot of reliable testimonies on the internet that will give you a good idea of how the company operates. For IRA and bullion commodities, this company should be trusted.



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American Bullion Background

In this American Bullion review, we have verified that this company conducts a legitimate and trustworthy operation. All of the products they sell are 100% authentic, and there are a lot of investors who can testify about it.

This company has a pretty good history. It was founded by Nevtan Akcora and Orkan Ozkan in 2009. These two, according to our research, have been in the precious metal industry for quite some time already. They are said to be expert traders.

American Bullion has made agreements between Sterling Trust Company and Delaware Depository for the facilitation of paper asset IRA to precious metal IRA.


American Bullion gold bars


After a few months, these precious metal IRAs became popular. Apparently, they are the ones who popularized the term “Gold IRA.”

There are even other claims that assert that other bullion dealers have copied the system being implemented by American Bullion.

In 2013, the company became the first precious metal company that accepted cryptocurrencies as payment. Specifically, they are catering payments in the form of Bitcoin.

It is a good thing because the world is now moving to digital currencies and there has been a current boom about them. Many people today have Bitcoin, too.

By 2016, American Bullion has reached its pinnacle. It became the recipient of “The Best of Trustlink” award, which is only given to a single company for a particular industry or category.

This accolade is not the pitstop for the company. By the following year, the Bullion Directory awarded American Bullion the “Bullion Dealer Of The Year” and “Best Gold Retirement Specialist.” These things cannot be taken lightly at all.

Right now, the spokesperson for the company is Rhett Jeppson.

Does it ring a bell? Well, if the name sounds familiar, that is because this guy is the previous Principal Deputy Director of the United States Mint. A guy like this that represents a bullion dealer simply means that the latter is doing great.



American Bullion Services

The reputation and legitimacy of American Bullion have been established already. Right now, we would just highlight the important services that they can offer to potential clients.

We have already divulged that this company specializes in the gold and silver IRAs. They also sell bullion bars and coins, including collector and premium items. Other precious metals are said to be available for purchase from American Bullion.

It is also noted that American Bullion provides rollover services that don’t have any taxes. It is a great feature for those new clients who want to open an IRA account. Always remember that rollovers can be optimized for platinum, palladium, silver, and gold.

Speaking of, making an account to American Bullion is pretty easy. It only takes a couple of minutes and only a few verifications. Once the account has been made, the company will be able to complete the transactions of IRA or 401K contributions without any problems.



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Final Verdict

This American Bullion review shows that this company of interest is a valid bullion trader. They have a trustworthy reputation, with impressive customer service at their disposal.

They are experts when it comes to IRA and 401K accounts, which is pretty great for those who want to utilize precious metal commodities for long-term investments.

If you ever decide to use American Bullion, it would not be a bad decision at all.

However, there’s still one company you may want to look at.



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They are not sales pushy and will not be marketing to you that makes feel they are hassling you.  Instead, you are being helped with your investing goals in mind.

We also really like them because they offer segregated storage as standard so your assets are kept separate from others without the need for extra cost as other firms charge for this type of storage as well.


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