Augusta Precious Metals Review: Legit or Scam?

Augusta Precious Metals ReviewInvesting in precious metals is a thing nowadays. In the financial world today, these commodities are essential.

Most investors may not use them for investment gains, but they are certainly utilized as a hedge for inflation and other economic crises.

Of course, these things are easier said than done. The first thing that you have to worry about is where you are going to get these items.

The professional bullion market right now is filled with reputable dealers. That’s a fact. However, there’s still nothing wrong if you take extra caution. You don’t want to get scammed at all.

One of the companies that claim legitimacy in their operation is the Augusta Precious Metals. Based on what we can read about this company, they are claiming that they are a top-performing retailer of precious metals.

Accordingly, they have satisfied various clients throughout their entire existence.

But should you believe them? Or are they something that you have to avoid? You can decide later once you have read this guide.



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Augusta Precious Metals Review

The Augusta Precious Metals is a corporate entity that specializes in dealing with precious metals. However, the service that they typically endorse is IRA rollovers.

Therefore, if you have an existing IRA account, you can contact this company to do a rollover so that your account will include precious metals like gold and silver.

This company has a physical address, but most of their businesses and transactions are done through their online platform (

The site is pretty safe and doesn’t contain any suspicious security threats. We have not encountered any reports yet that the company is stealing information from their clients.

We do appreciate how optimized the site of Augusta Precious Metals is. It is clean and straightforward. Navigating all the controls and features is pretty easy to do, even if you are a first-timer to their website.


Augusta Precious Metals home page


All of the essential resources are also being presented on the site such as the price of their products, the type of commodities that they sold, and the location of their storage facilities.

They also have a tool kit for new individuals who want to invest in precious metals.

As it has been claimed, the company is said to be featured already in various financial networks such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Fox News, USA Today, and Reuters.

However, we haven’t found the materials that can verify if these things are all true or not.

On the flipside, we do appreciate the fact that Augusta Precious Metals has a separate section that is dedicated to the latest financial news.

While some of you might think that these items are frivolous, they can actually tell you of the trend of things. The things that are taking place in these scenes can directly affect the price of precious metals and their viability as an investment.

Overall, it is safe to say that the Augusta Precious Metals is a reliable company to invest with. They provide a direct hotline where you can talk to their service agents. However, if you feel that there’s something fishy or off, do not ever release any form of payment to them.

Now, let us take a look at how the Augusta Precious Metals is doing with third-party review sites.


Customer Reviews

Glass Door

The Glass Door is a site that features companies and the number of individuals who have applied for them for employment.

We can also see reviews of people who are currently working with them or those that have been in contact with these companies.

Once registered, these businesses or companies have no power to alter or delete the reviews that pertain to them.

Having a high rating on this site suggests that your company is actually existing and employs a myriad of professions.

When this article has been written, the Augusta Precious Metals has a rating of 4.9 in the site Glass Door. Both the current and former employees are happy with the system of Augusta Precious Metals.

When you have a satisfied workforce, the finesse of your company will significantly increase.


Better Business Bureau

In the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the Augusta Precious Metals has attained an A+ rating. Furthermore, their previous clients rated provided positive feedback to their services. However, this doesn’t mean that the company is already perfect.

There is a customer complaint against Augusta Precious Metals that have been listed in BBB. The narrative involves a wrong product shipment.

Fortunately, it has been stated in this case the company was able to settle this and have provided the right item that the client had ordered. It is a kind of responsiveness that you will want from a precious metal company.


American Bullion gold bars


Business Consumer Alliance

The Augusta Precious Metals got the highest rating that a company can be obtained from them. Specifically, this entity has received an AAA rating, which establishes its legitimacy and fluency of its service.

Moreover, we have also noticed that they got 100% on the Complaint Resolution Index. This means that all the issues or complaints that have been filed against them have been fully resolved.

There are around seventeen (17) reviews for Augusta Precious Metals that is present on BCA. All of them are seemingly positive. No government complaint and other legal impediments are currently listed that pertain to the company.


With all these things given, it is already undeniable that the Augusta Precious Metals is a trustworthy precious metal dealer.

They offer a variety of products that is a package with excellent customer service. We haven’t encountered any accusation or grievances to their operation.



Augusta Precious Metals Background

In this Augusta Precious Metals review, we have proven that this company provides authentic commodities and services. They are seemingly reliable, especially with the range and price of their products and services.

Accordingly, this company was established in February 2011. Compared to all the precious metal companies that we have reviewed, this one is very young. It hasn’t even reached a decade on its operation.

Despite this, we have seen that the company is doing well. Based on the information given by the Better Business Bureau, this company houses forty-four (44) employees.

The current owner and CEO of the Augusta Precious Metals is a person named Isaac Nuriani. It is being said that Nuriani was born from a family that has been in the business of precious metals for many years already.

When searched, you can discover that Nuriani was an alumnus of the University of California. He is also affiliated with the Mighty Seniors Insurance.

The physical address of this site is located at 8484 Wilshire Blvd #515, Beverly Hills, CA 90211-3235. You can contact them to this following number: (855) 242-4121. Their operation starts at 8:00 AM and ends at 5:00 PM. They are not open on weekends.



Augusta Precious Metals Services

Just like what we have mentioned earlier, the Augusta Precious Metals specializes in 401(k)/ IRA rollovers. This is a company that operates chiefly in the United States, so this kind of service is pretty standard.

Other than that, the company is also a seller of various precious metals that are eligible for IRA investments. They have a plethora of bullion products and premium collections as well. They have gold, silver, and platinum at their disposal.

The company also provides multiple resources as to why investing in precious metals is a sound decision. They are somehow guiding their clients on the amount and type of commodity they should engage.

For now, we haven’t seen any complaints about their shipping rates and policies. All transactions are made secure and anonymous, too. They accept different payment methods as well.



Final Verdict

We deem that the Augusta Precious Metals is a good precious metal company. You can put your trust in them, especially if you need a reputable dealer of gold and silver.

Most of their products are suitable for IRAs. Therefore, they are an excellent choice for those who want a reputable custodian for their existing 401(k) accounts.

Furthermore, we haven’t read any reports that this company had tried to scam other people. It seems that they have a legitimate profile in and out.



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