Where and How Can I Buy Gold Coins? 4 Impeccable Reasons Why Gold Is Good!

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Where and How Can I Buy Gold Coins?Is it an insane idea to invest in gold coins? If it is a seemingly acceptable idea, do you know where and how to buy gold coins?

Where you pick to buy your gold coins from is absolutely essential and we’ll tell you below where you should buy from.

You see, precious metals like gold are quite solid forms of investments. It is not because they are literally solid in nature but because of the stability of their prices.

For instance, gold alone has been indomitable for many years already. The price of this commodity is not susceptible to being drained by any malignant economic factors.

History shows that the value of gold is not suffering from any decline. Instead, it always gains a rapid rise because of its limited supply. Of course, investing in gold is an easy feat.

One of the most cumbersome problem that potential investors ask is answering this question: where and how can I buy gold.

Aside from that, people are quite daunted about it because of the given notion that it is not cheap. And definitely, gold will never be cheap at all.

But for some various reason, going all out for gold is quite a logical investment decision.

Different financial advisers would recommend that an individual should consider investing in this particular precious metal. But why? Read on to find out.



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Gold Serves as a Hedge

One should be familiar to the term hedge before investing on anything–including gold. You see, in layman’s term, a hedge is any stuff that ensures an offset once another asset has suffered loss.

Most of the time, you can see corporations and investors purchases various types of edges to protect themselves from the volatile changes in currencies. But what is the best hedge anyway? Well, you have guessed it right.

It is gold.

For instance, when the value of the U.S. dollars depreciates, inflation and elevated commodity prices soon follow. Of course, these things cause a negative impact on paper currencies and assets like stocks and bonds.

We can site a good example of this. From 2002 to 2007, the price of gold has skyrocketed. From roughly $350 per ounce, it rose to around $830 per ounce.

It was an evident repercussion to the dwindling of the U.S. dollar value at that time. Specifically, when compared to the European pound, the U.S. dollar has depreciated for up to 40 percent.

Gold has been touted as the best hedge against a sudden crash in the stock market. According to the research conducted by Trinity College, the value of gold dramatically increases by quick as fifteen days after a stock market crash.

During this time, investors are in a panic. As a result, they are more susceptible to selling their stocks to purchase gold.

The increase in the demand of gold further refines its value in the market. However, it is appropriate to get back to the stock market to seize the opportunity of lowered stock prices.

You will not gain anything if you pour your investments to gold alone. Remember, gold is more beneficial as a hedge.

You can still make use it as an investment opportunity, but it should be done on a long-term basis.



Constraints On Its Supply

One of the factors that contribute to the heightened value of gold. It is a common knowledge already that if a particular commodity has limited supply, its demand increases. And when there is high demand, the price goes up as well.

Since 1990, most of the gold supply in the precious metal market is derived from the trade of gold bullion. These gold bullion came from the vault storage of global central banks. However, the selling eventually declined in 2008.

Furthermore, it has been notable that the creation of new gold mines is not growing anymore since the beginning of the millennium.

In 2007, the BullionVault.com reported that the overall gold mining production had seen a gradual decline.

From around 2,600 metric tons, the gold mined around the world went down to roughly 2,400.

Furthermore, it has to emphasize that it will take approximately ten years for a gold mine to be created.

As a result, it is inevitable that the price of gold will increase. And it will not subside shortly because there’s no any sign that gold can be created in laboratories.

As a non-renewable resource, gold will always remain an exclusive and premium commodity. Therefore, having this item in your portfolio is always a huge advantage in your part.



Political Uncertainties

It is important to highlight that gold retains its value despite various geopolitical crises that are taking place around the world.

You have to weigh in this factor because the survivability of gold is not only applicable to financial downfall, but also on the ambiguities of our political platforms.

Many people call gold and other precious metals as the best commodity for any crisis. After all, investors would tend to rely on them when there are existing havoc and global upheavals.

Whenever there is a crisis, gold will inevitably outlast other asset classes.

One good example of this is during the European Union crisis. The prices of other investments such as stocks and bond have plummeted badly.

However, that’s not really the case for gold. The latter has taken a huge leap, which should not be surprising already.

It has also been observed that when the confidence of the people and investors to governments is significantly low, the value of precious metals increase.

Gold, among all types of precious metals, is the one that benefits from it the most.



The Demand Doesn’t Stop

In recent years, various emerging market economies have seen huge successes, especially in the accumulation of wealth. Because of this phenomenon, the gold demand has increased once again.

There are different reasons why this is happening. One is the close affinity of these countries to gold as a part of their culture and tradition.

We can take India as an example. The long and intertwining history of India tells that this country loves to utilize gold.

They are among the countries in the world that have high gold consumption. They use this metal on making jewelry for various festivities and celebration.

Another country that has a high demand for gold is China. Way before the increased awareness of people toward precious metals, China has already high regards to gold.

People in China usually hoard gold bars because they see them as a significant type of savings. Even up to now, their gold demand is still high.

But it is not only on the emerging market economies where we have seen a great demand in gold. Even individual investors are trying to gain possession of gold in the form of self-directed IRAS.

In the United States alone, gold already constitutes the biggest ETF.




You are not a crazy person if you are dreaming of owning gold. In fact, you are in the right state of mind because gold is a precious commodity.

Having gold bullion or coins can already cement the stability of someone’s portfolio. This precious metal could also help secure your existing assets against inflation and geopolitical uncertainties.

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