Where Do I Buy Gold Bullion: A Simple Guide for New Investors

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“Where do I buy gold bullion?” Right from the get-go, this question is pretty tricky. But at the same time, it also calls for immediate answering.

You see, people are already aiming at gold and other precious metals to be included in their investment portfolio.

After all, it is no secret that these commodities can act as an excellent hedge against inflation and other economic stresses. The value of these items is quite sustainable, too.

In fact, they tend to increase as well because of their limited supply.

But let us be honest with you. People buy gold for different reasons. From investments down to mere collections, gold has a lot of use.

It is the very reason why the pursuit of it is quite heightened these days. You can see the spot prices keep on escalating day by day.

However, this should not worry you at all. Don’t ever think that you don’t have the opportunity anymore to ride the wealth wave of this particular precious metal.

Even an ordinary investor can have a decent amount of gold bullion on their possession. As long as you know the correct process of acquisition, you will certainly get your first gold bar or coin without any fuss.

Let’s discuss more about this matter on the following sections.



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Where Do I Buy Gold Bullion: A Quick Guide

These days, many people would convince you that buying gold is a straightforward process. If you are just an average layman on the street, you would probably this claim.

But even for such pitch, it will always benefit your hindsight if you take precautions first. You are there to ensure that you can get your gold securely at a competitive price.

Not only that, you will need to know if the gold can be delivered right to your doorsteps or not.


Gold Bars


Being too ignorant in the precious metal industry will guarantee a sure downfall. It will not only cause you to plummet your hard-earned cash, but it will also make you feel that the market is too unreliable.

Of course, seasoned investors would say otherwise.

There are specific guidelines that would help you get gold bullion. We do recommend that you stop yourself from being too hasty and oblivious because that would not really help you at all.

Mistakes can be avoided if you will become a wise consumer.


A Preface of the Professional Gold Market

Before you start searching for reputable gold bullion dealers, you need to understand first the concept of the professional gold market.

You see, the professional bullion market is the one that fully enjoys gold commodities that have competitive prices. The market usually consists of various government agencies, investment corporations, bullion banks, refiners, and of course, gold dealers.

When the professional market rolls, it is guaranteed that what they only deal with those that are rated as “good delivery bars.” These bars include gold and silver.

If you will not acquire gold bullion bars that have this rating, your chances of getting included in the professional market dwindle to zero. You will also lose your chance of competitive pricing.

The latter would mean that you have to pay bigger for the commodities you purchase but get smaller returns when you sell them.

At this point, you need a dealer that provides “good delivery” gold bullion bars. In this way, all the investment you have made will yield great returns.


Why Good Delivery Gold Bullion Bars Are Great?

Of course, you will immediately question what makes these good delivery bars special. Right from the start, we have to break the idea that it is because of the name or exclusiveness of this commodity.

Instead, you have to realize that these bars have the best qualities in the precious metal market today.

Specifically, these good delivery bars are cast by selected refiners of precious metals. Each of these refiners is registered and recognized by the professional bullion market.


Gold Bullion circular crop


Once a bar is delivered by an accredited refiner, the community would immediately know that they are good delivery.

These refiners, by the way, are not just ordinary entities that operate in the industry. They are the ones that are capable of refining the gold that they process up to 99.5% purity or greater.

The market loves pure gold bullion. They always come in the priority. The price of these gold bars is calculated by this formula (purity x weight). If the gold has lesser purity, its value is low.

Gold bullion that has 99.5% purity is typically referred to as fine gold. If you want to purchase gold for investment or other purposes, make sure that they are classified as good delivery.

Take into account that in the professional market bullion, impurities are treated as waste.



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Get Gold Bullion In Their Physical Form

How do I buy gold bullion? You have to get them. Make sure that you can hold them in your hands. Guarantee that they can be delivered to you scratch-free and securely so that you can put them in a secure vault.

We have to emphasize this particular rule from time to time. If you don’t want to feel uncertainties from time to time, you need the gold to be in your possession. It is the safest way to ensure that your money wouldn’t be watered down.

Today, there’s an increasing number of gold purchases through paper claims. In fact, the volume of paper claims is almost reaching its saturation point.

It is not an exaggeration anymore than an ounce of gold can have more five-hundred paper claims. Although these claims are not illegal per se, they have a huge disadvantage.

One should know that paper claims are easy to get. After all, they are just paper. They can make you believe that you have gold that is being vaulted somewhere in the world. But there’s a good chance that it is not really the case.

Once you try to claim the gold, you might be awed by the surprise that there is no sufficient gold supply.

Therefore, if you want to have gold bullion as a hedge to protect your assets from unexpected but inevitable currency crashes, make sure that you hold them physically.


Direct Jurisdiction Is Essential

Aside from having the gold in your possession, you have to ensure that all the credentials for the commodity are under your name.

You have to make sure that you have all the legal claims for the gold bullion. Otherwise, you should not take the claim.

This rule is usually helpful for small-time investors. The money they have spent in acquiring the items are hard-earned. They are the ones who have the full insurance that they own the gold.

When the economy suddenly goes down, they can immediately utilize the gold bullion in their storage.

The bullion dealer that you get should provide legitimate ownership to every purchase you make from them.



Where To Buy Gold Bullion?

The next thing that you need to secure is the precious metal dealer. Right now, the professional precious metal market houses a lot of gold bullion merchants. You have a lot of choices as a matter of fact.

However, if you want the best one right from the start, I do recommend that you try Regal Assets.

Regal Assets is one of the most reputable precious metal dealers today, our full review is here. They sell fine gold and silver bullion with competitive prices.

They also have other precious metals such as palladium and platinum. Collector and premium coins are also being sold by them.

The company is a good choice for those who want to buy gold bullion for investments. Most of their metals are IRA-approved, which makes them good for portfolio diversification.

Of course, they also do direct selling with shipping costs that are pretty reasonable, and they have segregated storage as one of their standard features.

Overall, the company offers smooth and secure transactions to accommodate the needs of new and seasoned investors alike.




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