Where Do You Buy Gold Bullion (It Is Actually Simple!)

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Where Do You Buy Gold BullionWhere do you buy gold bullion? It is an off-the-topic question that you might encounter while browsing the internet or walking that familiar alley in your block.

You see, gold has become a famous commodity nowadays, as it is an asset that can elevate the quality of your portfolio.

Searching for legitimate gold dealers is quite important, especially if you are already aware of its value for your assets. Although it is expensive, the benefit that it can give you is truly convincing enough.

Diversifying your portfolio is necessary. If you want your existing wealth and assets to survive for long periods, you need to have alternative assets to back you up.

Items like precious metals, cryptocurrencies, and real estates are among the alternative asset classes that you can rely on. However, among them, it is undeniable that gold does really stand out.

Before we give you a hint of where to get your first gold bullion, we have to tackle first the reason why investing in gold is a brilliant move.

Of course, I am pretty aware that a lot of you are reluctant when it comes to this. But after this short discussion, we are hoping that you will cast off your doubts away. Let’s get started!



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Why Do You Need To Invest In Gold Bullion?

There are multiple reasons why investing in gold bullion is a sound investment decision. Here are some of them:


Gold Bullion is Tangible

Unlike other types of assets out there, gold can be felt and held by your hands. Other investments, such as stocks and bonds, won’t allow you to do this. No paper contracts will ever match the feeling of being able to hold your possessions.

Even if it is a precious metal, gold is definitely indestructible by common types of damages. It can survive the harsh process of aging.

It doesn’t deteriorate even if it is exposed in water and fire. No maintenance is needed when it comes to gold. The longer they stay with you, the higher their value gets.

After all, the number of gold that exists in the world today is pretty limited.

Because gold is tangible, it is not susceptible to being hacked or erased. Compared to credit cards and bank accounts, such risks are not present to gold bullion. Ordinary thieves won’t get their hands of this item.


Gold Bullion is Wealth

Needless to say, having gold is a sign of wealth. But don’t get us wrong by thinking that gold is just for a status symbol. We don’t purchase gold just because we want to show off that we are affluent.

Investors have a different thing running on their mind whenever they are buying gold bullion and other precious metals.

Take into account that gold is not currently used as a currency. However, it is still considered as money and that its value compared to other currencies is quite impeccable.

Gold has been there before any modern currencies. It has a store value of more than 3,000 years, which makes it extremely valuable. The oldest currency, the British Pound Sterling, is just around 1,200 years old.

The natural longevity of gold makes it a promising form of money. No other fiat currency can match its value, especially in long-term applications.

If you just dig deeper, you will realize that most governments today have higher gold purchases than other assets.


Gold Bullion Can Be Stored Easily

Aside from knowing how to buy gold bullion, it is pretty important that you are aware of its storage.

Should you just store it in your house or your bunker? Are there any specialized means for gold storage?

Fortunately, these things should not trouble you at all. Physical gold has to be stored. That’s a fact. However, there are storages services out there that you can rely on.

Most of the time, legitimate precious metal merchants offer this kind of service.

Of course, there is a cost when it comes to storing gold bullion. However, the charges for vaulting charges is not that expensive.

Accredited vaults will never give you a hard time when it comes to storing your precious metal. On the flipside, other assets do not have this convenience. For instance, real estate will require you to pay a lot of fees. You have to deal with taxes as well.


Gold Bullion is Immune to Inflation

One of the things that you have to be aware of is the immunity of gold bullion and coins to inflation. It is the very reason why it is an excellent safety net for your portfolio.

If you existing assets will experience a bad market value, you can guarantee that gold will not.


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The value of gold is not dependent on other factors. It is valuable because of its limited supply and high demand. It is a premium product too.

On the other hand, traditional asset classes are prone to this problem. From time to time, we experience currency inflation. Even the U.S. dollar is not an exemption.

They are prone to the effects of economic turmoil and geopolitical crises in the world today.

When these moments come, having gold bullion in your possession is indeed a life saver. They can serve as a hedge so that your hard-earned wealth won’t disappear.



How Do You Buy Gold Bullion

Despite its seemingly intricate reputation, purchasing gold is quite simple. There are multiple online gold companies today that can provide you with different precious metals.

Names like Regal Assets, APMEX, and Advantage Gold are among the reputable dealers that you can trust. You just have to choose the gold bullion bars or coins that you want to purchase.

After that, consider the amount of gold that you wish to get by price, quantity, and weight.

If you are going to purchase in bulk, these companies might offer certain discounts. However, you should always be careful about those companies who are offering excessive discounts because they might be hiding something from you.

Some dealers will also offer discounts if you make your purchase via a credit card. Of course, at this point, you have to determine which payment method is the most cost-efficient to you.


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If you are going to purchase the gold bullion in an IRA account, the dealer will have them stored for you in their storage vault.

You will not get the gold immediately because you are entering a retirement plan. But that’s completely alright since, by the time the account has matured, the value of your gold has already increased.

Alternatively, you can buy gold directly and have them delivered in your doorways. These transactions are safe and secure. Nobody will ever know that there is a coming gold delivery except you and the precious metal dealer.

Once you have the gold bar or coin, make sure that you don’t take them out from their packaging yet.

In this way, you can prevent scratches and other physical damages from happening. You are permitted to take out the gold if you store them already on a safety deposit box or home safe.



Where To Buy Gold Bullion

As what has been mentioned, there are multiple dealers of gold and other precious metals today. But if you want the most reliable from the start, you should just head to Regal Assets.

Regal Asset is a known merchant of various alternative assets. However, they do specialized in precious metals, especially gold.

The company aims to help people secure their existing assets through their gold IRA packages. Other IRA-approved metals are in their disposal as well such as silver, palladium, and platinum.

All the transactions conducted under this company is safe and smooth. They have an excellent customer service department that assists investors so that the latter will be able to make the right purchases within their budget.

As a result, Regal Assets have already received multiple recognitions, such as by Forbes.



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