New Direction IRA Review: Is This Company Fake Or Real?

New Direction IRA Trust Company ReviewGetting an IRA account is one of the best ways to get physical gold and other types of precious metals. It is the very reason why first-time investors are urged to get IRAs rather than purchasing gold through ETF.

Of course, what you need right now is a company that can help you access these accounts. You need to get a reputable online precious metal dealer that provides IRA approved items.

Companies like Regal Assets are among those the leading service providers of IRAs and other related items. But of course, they are not the only option that you can try, that’s why we wanted to review New Direction IRA (Current name: New Direction Trust Company) to see if they can stand up to them.

Right now, the world of precious metal trading is quite flourishing. Despite the limited supply of these expensive commodities, the number of their traders are indeed high.

In the online platform alone, you can already see a lot of them. In fact, that’s the very reason we have discovered the New Direction IRA.

Is this a company that you should trust or avoid? Read on to find out.



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New Direction IRA Review

We have to be blunt that all of these IRA dealers have a lot of means to market themselves to you. Some of them are going too overboard–making you feel that what they are saying and offering are too good to be true. Meanwhile, others can make you feel that you are not in their league yet.

During our probe, we have assessed that New Direction Trust Company is in the middle.

It is a company that establishes their legitimacy by providing a balance of marketing and education to their clients. It is quite an impressive thing since there is a limit to the number of firms that possess this kind of feature.


New Direction IRA Trust Company home page


Primarily, the New Direction Trust Company is introduced as a holistic provider of self-directed IRAs. Aside from that, they are also selling Health Savings Account of HSA.

Those who have tried this company have claimed that they work well with their clients. Their representatives are said to be helpful and informative.

Before you can process an account with them, they make sure that you have already understood all the aspects of your investments.

Of course, we need to highlight as well that what they offer are all self-directed IRAs. Specifically, New Direction provides custodial and administrative services for Roth IRAs, HSAs, Individual 401(k) and SEP IRAs.

As what we have heard, their capacity in handling alternative assets are truly impeccable. Aside from precious metals, they are also known to be trusted bookkeepers of real estate, private lending, and private equity.


New Direction Ratings

Because of their performance, the New Direction Trust Company has received positive ratings from various third-party organizations.

For instance, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has given them an A+ rating. It is already a huge feat already because getting accredited by BBB has never been an easy ordeal.

The Better Business Bureau has also reported to us that all the issues that have been raised to New Direction have been addressed properly.

Thumbs DownHowever, it is notable that this company has not yet been listed in Trustpilot, Consumer Affairs, or Rip-Off Report. This scenario can translate into different implications.

First, it could be that New Direction is still relatively new to the industry, which could be a normal thing. Second, there are still few verified clients that were able to provide feedback to them. Third, the company might not have registered itself.

Either way, this is quite a negative issue for New Direction Trust Company. We have reviewed other IRA providers previously that were relatively new to the industry but have already established their reputation.

We are not saying that they are hiding something, but at least they can have done better at marketing themselves.

Overall, we do trust the services that are being provided by New Direction. There is no hint of doubt that we shed to them.

The prices of their services and packages are competitive and fair. They are worth investing because they have accredited storage for their precious metals.

Throughout the extent of our research, we haven’t found any serious remarks that could stain the reputation of the company. We are not saying that they are perfect. There were some issues, but they are only minor.

Furthermore, New Direction was never complacent about them. Their customer service department did take action on the complaints and resolved them immediately.



New Direction Trust Company Background

The New Direction IRA is a company that specializes in selling and administering alternative assets. They have been established on July 16, 2003, by Catherine Wynne and Bill Humphrey. Wynne acted as the president while Humphrey became the CEO.

Since the start of this company, they were able to profit more than $600 million in assets. The existing accounts that they handle are estimated to 10,000 already.

Just like what we have stated, this company’s primary service is self-directed IRAs for interested investors. However, they have already expanded their alternative assets to real estate and private lending.

Therefore, interested investors have always all the options on how to protect and grow their money through these retirement accounts.

The profile of this company may not have been heard by many yet. But for those who have already tried their services have a lot of good things about them.

The customer service department of New Direction, in particular, has been one of their best assets. They are professionals who exhibit responsiveness and patience, especially to those who have still little knowledge about investing in precious metals and other alternative assets.

We were also able to track the profile of the current executives of New Direction. As of now, the CEO of the company is William Humphrey while its president remains to be Catherine Wynne. Of course, we were able to verify that these identities are real.

Meanwhile, a person named Clay Malcolm is said to be the Business Development Executive of New Direction IRA. This person supervises the customer service of the company, which quite doing a good job.

You can contact them through these following numbers: (877) 742-1270 (Phone) and (303) 665-5962).

The physical office of New Direction Trust Company is at 1070 W Century Dr. Ste 101, Louisville, Colorado. If you are nearby this location, you can freely visit it.



New Direction IRA Services

In this New Direction IRA review, we pretty have divulged most of the facts and fallacies that are revolving it are already discussed. We even have taken a glimpse of their operations and the services they offer.

We just have to highlight again that New Direction is specializing in self-directed IRAs. They work as IRA custodians and brokers, which is indeed impressive.


Stack of Coins with Clock at the back


Those individuals who are still new about these non-traditional asset classes will have a good time with them. As what we have told, New Direction educates their clients. All the necessary information that you need before you invest your money will be given to you.

New Direction also has the feature called the “myDirection,” which provides extra benefit to their clients. This particular component works as an access portal for those new investors who are still about to set up their IRA accounts.

Furthermore, this portal enables online payments, transaction viewing, and other essential conveniences that investors should have.

The pricing of their products are fair and based on the market prices. They don’t veer away that much to the spot prices or future prices that are being presented.

Regardless, you will never feel that you are being cheated whenever you are investing in them. They can ensure that the money you invested in them will benefit you in the long run.



Final Verdict

Right as of now, we can say that the reputation of New Direction IRA is clean enough to be recommended to any new investors.

They are among the few IRA companies that offer honest and responsive services, especially in the world of precious metals and other alternative assets.

Working with this company should never cause any worries in your part. Your hard-earned money will be safe in their hands.



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2 Responses

  1. Cheryl Herke

    I did not have a great experience with New Direction. They were on it when moving my funds into their services. But when it came to time to liquidate my metals, the complete process took 6 weeks.

    I did not know that Noble Gold used them, so when I discovered that I have to go through them from the beginning I was disappointed. I found the website to be difficult and not user friendly.
    I would advise against using New Direction for any of your metals through Noble Gold.

    New Direction may be more suited for persons with a larger amount of money than can afford to loose. Not for a person with a smaller amount of cash I converted to metals. Welcome to retirement! Not a good experience. The prices to get out appeared to be less than I put into it. So the notion that metals saved makes a profit was not my experience. High fees are the killer. SOMEONE is making money.
    Cheryl H.

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