Lear Capital Review: Is This A Legitimate IRA Company?

Lear Capital ReviewThanks for coming to our Lear Capital review which we give you a complete picture of what this investment company is all about.

Securing your future is quite necessary, especially if you have a family. In the long run, you will realize that working is not forever. After several years, you will not be capable of grinding already.

So what comes after that? Are you ascertain that you have enough savings to live off the rest of your life while still not being a burden to the people close to you.

Fortunately, IRAs have been invented. These accounts will allow you to save a part of your paycheck, with your custodian being your employer.

These IRAs, in turn, can undergo a rollover. When you decide this to happen, you can have the opportunity to get gold, silver, and other hard assets. They are a great hedge for inflation and other economic downfalls.

But before these things take place, you need to have a trusted IRA company to work with you. Specifically, if you are interested in precious metals, what you need is an IRA company that focuses on these commodities today.

In the industry today, the Lear Capital is said to be one of the households for this particular investment type.

But should you trust them? Are they the reputable precious metal IRA company that you are looking for?

Get all the answers below.



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Lear Capital Review

As we have stated earlier, Lear Capital has a strong claim that they are a household when it comes to investments that involve precious metals.

Accordingly, they accommodate IRA rollovers and commodity purchases. Therefore, it can be said that the company is both selling and buying precious metals.


Lear Capital Home Page


There is also an assertion that the Lear Capital belongs to the professional bullion market. If this claim is valid, then there’s no arguing about the legitimacy of this company.

Based on our research, these descriptions of Lear Capital is true. The company has been in business for around twenty years, which is quite a long time already.

They are service providers of precious metals IRAs. Since its inception, it has been recorded that the company has approximately $3 billion worth of transactions.

Although there are no verifications for this, it is already a solid proof that this investment firm has been doing good in their business.


Customer Feedback

As it has been mentioned, Lear Capital has also served a myriad of clients already. Most of these clients are pretty satisfied.

We have searched the Consumer Affairs to look up for the reviews regarding this company. On the site, we have found around a thousand reviews from them. The majority of these reviews are all positive feedback.

These people testify that the Lear Capital delivered what they have promised. All the products that have been sold by this company have competitive prices too.

Of course, there are still people who have some minor complaints against the company. We have viewed these issues in Consumer Affairs.

Most of them typically involve delays in the shipping date, disagreements with the customer service department, and pricing concerns. But most of these–accordingly–have been settled already by Lear Capital.


Consumer Affairs Rating for Lear Capital


In Trustpilot, Lear Capital has been rated fairly well. They got a 4 out of 5 rating, which is already a good sign that they are not going to scam you at all.

In the said site, Lear Capital has also received hundreds of reviews from their clients. Majority of these–or 81% of the reviews–are all positive while roughly three percent are negative.

Fortunately, you can shrug off these negative comments. We have read them, and they only pertain to the doubt of the users to the company. These things don’t really put too much weight.

Meanwhile, the Better Business Bureau has rated the Lear Capital the same way as Trustpilot. In the site, the company also got a 4 out 5 rating.

It is great but shows that the company is not that perfect. There are still minor complaints that were filed against them. Fortunately, these issues have been resolved already.

Noticeably, there is an announcement made by Lear Capital in Better Business Bureau that pertains to these complaints.

Specifically, if their clients experienced problems with their transactions, they should immediately contact the customer service line of the company (marketing@learcapital.com or 310-400-0049) before filing any complaints on some other third-party sites. This move indicates that Lear Capital is quite conscious of their reputation.

With all of these things stated, it is clear that Lear Capital is a precious metal company that deserves your trust.

They have a good reputation in the industry, which proves the authenticity of their reputation and the commodities they sell. Processing a precious metal rollover to them should be a wise decision.



Lear Capital Background

In this Lear Capital review, we have discovered that this company is not a scam that investors should avoid. This time, we will shed some light on the identity of this company so that you can have a little idea about them.

The Lear Capital is an IRA company that operates an online platform–just like Regal Assets. Upon going on their website, they have a very professional looking site with lots of info at your fingertips.

Lear Capital has been established in 1977, which somehow makes them one of the longest-running precious metals company today.

During their stint, they haven’t suffered drastic complaints that might have tarnished their reputation. Instead, they are doing clean and straightforward business.


Gold & Silver coins


Based on our research, there were no legal issues that have been filed against them.

Accordingly, the company was founded by experienced precious metal dealers. Specifically, they are Kevin Demeritt and Larrin Devereaux.

Meanwhile, the current CEOs are Raymond Cater and John Ohanesian. The head of their customer relations department is a person named Jerry Jason.



Lear Capital Services

The Lear Capital has a clear thrust of encouraging people to invest in precious metals. They are inviting their clients to get precious metals in the form of gold and silver.

But of course, since they are aiming for investment purposes, most of their products involve IRA-approved commodities like gold and silver bullion bars. Coins like American Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf are also included on their services.

However, the most notable service given by Lear Capital is IRA rollover. Perhaps, their rollovers are the very reason why they are popular to their clients.

We have read various reviews that suggest that the IRA rollovers are quick and efficient. They can dedicate an expert customer service agent for their clients to handle all the requirements for the rollover.

The only thing that you need to do is to wait until the transaction has been fully completed.

Aside from these things, Lear Capital also provides educational kits to their clients. We recommend that you check these kits out.

After all, having little knowledge will make you prone to being scammed by deceitful marketing pitches by other shady entities.



Final Verdict

We have found out on this Lear Capital review that this company offers legitimate services. They are dealers of fine precious metals and other related commodities.

They are an excellent company to redirect your 401(k) account for an IRA rollover. You can ensure that they can handle the process properly and securely.

All the payments you have made undergo strict security measures. They guarantee fast shipping as well.

That’s it for now. If you have questions or suggestions about this company, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.



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