How And Where To Buy Silver Coins Online: A Beginner’s Guide for New Investors

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How And Where To Buy Silver Coins OnlineHow and where to buy silver coins online? Many interested investors have been consistently asking this question as of recent.

We have observed the increase of awareness of people when it comes to the importance of having silver coins and precious metals in general.

Well, it is a given that people will have to search for clarifications regarding these particular investments. After all, we are talking about precious metals here.

One way or another, they will never come cheap. You have to prepare a hefty amount of bucks so that you can acquire rare coins and bullion in your possession.

Of course, it is not a surprise if there’s still a lot of you who are reluctant when it comes to purchasing precious metals.

As a form of asset, these metals are not yet as accepted as compared to traditional asset classes like stocks and bonds.

But allow us to remind you that such kind of conception is already a thing of the past. Precious metals, like silver, is a prime necessity nowadays, especially if you are thinking about the future.

Let us break down these issues first before we head out where you can get legitimate silver coins online.



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3 Reasons Why You Need To Buy Silver

1) Silver is Cheaper Compared To Gold

As what we have said, precious metals are not a cheap investment. They do cost a lot. Therefore, if you are still new, it is quite instinctive to go for the one that is quite acceptable to your budget.

When it comes to pedigree, there are two top choices that you have: gold and silver.

By all means, gold is appealing. It has a high-value. It has a sustainable quality, and it is being chased by corporations and governments.

But then again, it is really expensive. An ounce of gold alone can really siphon your hard-earned money.

On the other hand, silver has still the same premium treatment as to gold. However, their prices are worlds apart. Specifically, the cost of silver is just 1/80 as of the price of gold. That’s the scale that you have to consider.

Even if you don’t have that enough, it is still guaranteed that you can purchase silver on a regular basis.


2) Silver Still Has A Low Profile

This time is the perfect opportunity to purchase silver. As of the time of this writing, we can still consider that silver is still not on the radar of many investors.

If you ask a layman on the street, there’s a good chance that they know a thing or two about gold but not silver.

With this existing predicament, it is safe to say that silver has a bull market that is not yet mature. If you invest in it now, there is a high chance that you will reap big in the future.

Many still consider the market to be stealth. If that’s the case, the prices of silver coins and bullion are still not high. Take note: a less-mature market has still low demands. Low demands mean that the prices are still stable.


#3) Silver Has A Growing Demand

Part of the reason why people are searching for how and where to buy silver coins online is that of its increasing demand. One should know that silver, aside from being a collectible, has a lot of uses.

The world has a lot of use for it, and that is something that would eventually cause its demand to rise. Before that happens, you need to have taken aboard on its flight of wealth.

In today’s industrial world, silver has been a consistent commodity being utilized for industrial purposes.

In fact, it may come next to oil when it comes to the rate of its utilization. Accordingly, there are over 10,000 uses for silver, and that’s something that you should not shrug off.

Among the uses of silver are in the solar energy and electronic industries. Apparently, it is also being utilized in the medical world because this metal has antibacterial and anti-microbial properties.

Since there are no potential alternatives for silver, it is not a surprise anymore that its demand will grow even more in the next years to come.

These industries will not be bothered if the price of silver will double or triple anyway.

After all, it has no substitutes. Furthermore, the increase in price will remain insignificant because it will always be compared to gold.



How to Buy Silver Coins Online

Right now, you might have already come into senses and realized that indeed, silver is a nice asset to have. Aside from these given benefits, silver coins are also IRA-approved metals. They can be used for retirement plans to fully secure your portfolio.

Once events like inflation and geopolitical crises happen, the metal will be able to save your existing wealth from being fully drained.

Now, acquiring silver is a lot easier than it used to be. After all, there are legitimate merchants of this metal that operates on the online platform. Once you have made your order and sent your payment, the metal is yours already.

Many novices always think that silver coins are just same as other coins out there. That’s a complete bluff that you have to completely dispel.

Many scammers nowadays will trap new investors by selling them numismatic coins (or those rare and collector coins).

They might come with silver, but their value is not that great? Why?


Silver coins - Silver Canadian Maple Leaf, Silver American Eagle, 1 kl. Silver Australian Koala


The value of these items is not anchored on the basis of their content and purity. Instead, their prices are determined by their historical implications and rarity.

At first, it may not sound too awful, right? But if you are into investing, these numismatic coins should not be your top choice. They are for collection, not for investment.

You also need to be aware of these semi-numismatic coins. There’s no arguing that they are 99% pure silver coins. However, they are made for commemorative purposes.

Examples of these are the Australian Lunar and Canadian Wildlife. They have high premiums when you buy them. But if you sell them, you might not recover the investment that you have poured over them.

But of course, these are not discouragements that should stop you from buying silver coins. There are good options that you can try.

And by all means, if you are aiming to have a silver coin that is good for investment, the following should be prioritized at all cost.


American Silver Eagle Coin

This one was first released in the US Mint around 1986. It is the sole official silver bullion coin that is acknowledged by the United States. It is pure silver, but only minted as a one-ounce coin. Take note that the Silver Eagle is a legal tender. Therefore, the U.S. Mint that certifies its purity, weight, and content.


Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

This one is issued by the Canadian government on a daily basis through the Royal Canadian Mint. It is also a legal tender and has a 99.9% purity.

The face value of the Silver Maple Leaf is around five Canadian dollars, which is pretty decent already.


Silver coins - Silver Austrian Philharmonic, Silver Britannia Coin


Great Britain Britannia

It is considered that the Britannia is a new coin in the industry. It has been issued first in 1997 and provides better tax advantages for the constituents of the United Kingdom. It is a legal tender as well.


Austrian Silver Vienna Philharmonic

There’s no denying that the Silver Vienna Philharmonic is the most popular silver bullion coin in Europe. It is issued annually by the Austrian Mint. Usually, it comes via one troy ounce of 99.99& silver.



Where to Buy Silver Coin Online

Part of the answer to “how and where to buy silver coins online” is to give you the best silver dealer company of silver coins that are worthy for investment purposes.

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Of course, you can also purchase other precious metals from them.

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