Gainesville Coins Review: Should You Trust This Company?

Gainesville Coins ReviewWelcome to our Gainesville Coins Review!

Primarily, there are two forms of precious metals that an investor can opt. The first are bars and the seconds are coins.

Any of these two should give benefit to their holders, regardless if they want them for collection or investment purposes.

Of course, gold and silver coins are always a coveted possession. Compared to bullion bars, the processing that is required to form these coins are intricate.

Therefore, their shelf value is quite higher than bars. They are also ideal for collections, as numerous numismatic, premium, and rare coins are already available today.

Right now, the biggest question that you should ask is where to get them. After all, there are a lot of precious metal dealers today.

If you land on the wrong merchant, you might experience getting scammed out of your hard-earned money.

We are here to identify which of these companies are fake and which of them should make you trust. In this particular moment, our focus was sent on the Gainesville Coins.

Apparently, this company has been receiving a significant amount of attention to various investors. However, is this enough to place your trust in them? Find out the answer on the following sections.



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Gainesville Coins Review

It is not a surprise that the precious metal industry has been proliferated with various entities that are claiming there is legitimacy. But right from the start, not all of these are good.

You will be surprised that a lot of them have been bombarded with complaints due to some irregularities and complaints.

Gainesville Coins, LLC should have been on the top-performing precious metals companies in the market. After all, they have existed for almost nineteen years already.

However, they have a lot of inconsistencies that have been raised against them. Multiple sites like Trustpilot, Better Business Bureau, and Sitejabber have negative reviews about them.

Yes. It is true that Gainesville Coins has an A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau. However, their rating is not directly proportional to the quality of customer feedback that they have.


Gainesville Coins Homepage


In the site of BBB, Gainesville only has a 2.5 out of 5 customer satisfaction. Out of the complaints, they only resolved one, which is quite a disheartening thing.

Of course, some of these reviews are positive. However, it will never take the fact that they have some dissatisfied clients that they were not able to compensate.

Most of the issues raised involved shipping costs, rude customer service, and unfavorable transaction processes.

Meanwhile, the SiteJabber has similar standing when it comes to Gainesville Coins. Overall, the company rating in this site is 3.2 out 5, which is fairly average only.

According to the people who have tried the services of Gainesville Coins, they can verify that this dealer is legitimate.

However, they warned that there is some problematic stuff that you might encounter when transacting with them.


Real Customer Feedback

One person who has been buying bullion in this merchant said that the company do offer a myriad of products. But the biggest downside of this is that they have slow and troublesome shipping.

According to that person, the company might even call or email you for verification before they ship the product.

Furthermore, some previous clients have reported that there are instances where your orders will not get shipped even if you have verified your order.

We have also noticed that numerous individuals have told that Gainesville Coins usually is notorious for using the old-school tactic “switch and bait.”


Gainesville Coins Ratings
Per Real Customer Reviews on


The company will present high-quality products on their site. After you made your order, the ones that will get shipped to you are worn out coins and bars.

It is not only in SiteJabber that we have seen this report but to other online business sites and forums. It seems that there are truths to these claims.

Take note that sites like Yellow Pages, Google Reviews, and Yelp have the same stances as Better Business Bureau and Sitejabber when it comes to Gainesville Coins.

On the flipside, the Gainesville Coins is not yet an accredited member of Better Consumer Alliance and Rip-off Report.

But always keep in mind that despite these complaints, Gainesville Coins has still positive ratings. They are not completely shunned by the industry because there are still investors who trust them.


Invest Cautiously

Overall, there’s a need for us to balance the good and the bad of Gainesville Coins. Despite their tarnished reputation, we cannot really conclude that they are a scam who will just get your money without any returns.

We still believe that they can walk-the-talk.

But this time, we have to emphasize that caution is necessary before you make transactions with them.

We do not recommend that you make big investments on your first try either. Start small and see if they can live up to your expectations.



Gainesville Coins Background

Accordingly, the Gainesville Coins is one of the biggest distributors of precious metal coins in the United States. They have been operating in the industry as they were established in 1999.

Currently, the center of their operations is at 17860 N US Highway 41, Lutz, Florida. However, they also boast about their international offices in London, United Kingdom, Vantaa Finland, and HarbourFront, Singapore.

Most of their operations are focused on their online site. In recent years, they poured a lot of effort into advertising this site. Apparently, it did become successful.

Silver coin - Australian KookaburraAfter all, they garnered a lot of attention in the industry. Many people were able to recognize them and took interest in their services.

Based on our research for this Gainesville review, we learned that this company has been accredited by the National Inflation Association.

They also belong the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA), Coin Net, and American Numismatic Association, and Certified Coin Exchange.

Currently, the company is being managed by a person named Michael Yaffe. The latter acts as the president while the secretary is Joseph Yaffe.

There are numerous accounts that both Michael Yaffe and Joseph Yaffe are experienced traders.

Claims about them being involved in the management of various precious metal firms, such as the National Gold, have been circulating as well.



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Gainesville Coins Services

The services of Gainesville Coins are directly centered in the business of buying gold and silver. These are the primary commodities that they serve their clients. Bullion bars, coins, and other precious metals can also be purchased from them.

It has been said that Gainesville Coins is one of the legitimate distributors of different government mints such as the Royal Mint of Britain, Royal Australian Mint, Perth Mint of Australia, United States Mint, and the New Zealand Mint.

They also boast that they have American Eagle Gold and Silver Coins in their disposal.

The company offers a myriad of collectors and numismatic coins. These are premium products that come with a price. However, always remember that these types of coins are not IRA-approved.

Therefore, you cannot use them for investment purposes. You should go for American Eagle coins or similar commodities if you want to diversify your portfolio.

Just like what we have mentioned on this Gainsville review, the pricing of this company might be unfavorable for some investors.

Although they display all the spot prices, you order from them might still be subjected to some other charges. The same story can be drawn when it comes to their shipping policies.



Final Verdict

Thumbs DownIt is apparent that Gainesville Coins company is not the most impeccable precious metal merchant as of today.

They do have legitimate operations, but they are quite susceptible to problems and nuisances, which affect the trust of their clients to them.

You can still invest in this company. But if you are going to do that, make sure that you know the details of your orders and the terms-and-conditions of the company.

In this way, you will be able to have leverage if things will go wrong along the way.

We will not be recommending Gainesville Coins and instead have a better, more reputable firm for you.



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They are not sales pushy and will not be marketing to you that makes feel they are hassling you.  Instead, you are being helped with your investing goals in mind.

We also really like them because they offer segregated storage as standard so your assets are kept separate from others without the need for extra cost as other firms charge for this type of storage as well.


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