Certified Gold Exchange Review: Can Precious Metal Investors Trust Them?

Certified Gold Exchange ReviewWelcome to our Certified Gold Exchange review which will provide you with important details you’d want to know before using them.

Undeniably, the precious metal industry has been steadily flourishing. It is not a secret anymore that having gold and silver in your portfolio is a great thing.

Aside from serving as a hedge, these commodities can be a source of investment capital if needed. The value of these items is something that you cannot shrug off these days.

Of course, many people are already interested in owning precious metals. Even the average guy in the street would have the same sentiment.

It is a kind of awareness that even boosted the price and demand for bullion products.

Now, there are a lot of things that you have to consider first before you make your first purchase. Take into account that these are precious metals that we are talking about.

Needless to say, these items are not cheap. If you do not exercise caution, your money will be wasted for good.

Getting a good precious metal dealer is one of the essential steps in acquiring precious metals.

Fortunately, you will never run out of options when it comes to these business firms. One of the companies is the Certified Gold Exchange.

Accordingly, this entity specializes in gold IRA services and silver investments. It has been said that they have a solid reputation as well.

But are these things real? Let’s find out.



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Certified Gold Exchange Review

Certified Gold Exchange has a claim that they are among the most trusted sources of gold and gold IRAs in the United States. Upon investigating on their site, most of their products only involve gold commodities.

However, we also found out that they offer a variety of investments related to silver. As of now, we can deem that they don’t have palladium, platinum, and other precious metals that are commonly bought in the market.

The IRA services of Certified Gold Exchange only focus on gold apparently. Other alternative assets like cryptocurrencies and real estates are not available from them.

In contrast to other prominent IRA service providers like Regal Assets, the products that are being offered by Certified Gold Exchange is still limited.

But that doesn’t mean that the company is a scam that you should avoid. If you are searching specifically for gold and other related services, then the Certified Gold Exchange is a good choice.


Certified Gold Exchange Home page


But if you want a diversified set of options, you might opt for other companies.

The site of the company is pretty clean. You won’t get lost upon navigating on the navigating there. The spot prices for gold and silver are displayed along with the special offers that they have.

Noticeably, this company has a strong inclination to promoting IRA-approved coins such as American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and South African Krugerrand.

They also indicate that they can conduct fast and free shipping services as long as you are in the jurisdiction of the United States. The transactions are said to be secure, as they require signature verification.

As what they are claiming, all the items they ship remain anonymous. They guarantee that the bullion bars and coins that arrive in your doorsteps are free from scratches and other damages.

One of the most notable aspects about the site of Certified Gold Exchange is their stream of news and blog updates about the investment world.

You can find relevant information here for the trend in the industry. If you can analyze all the information being broadcasted there, you will be able to make sound investment decisions that would secure your existing assets.

Sadly, their newsfeed is not that updated.


Customer Reviews

As of the time that this Certified Gold Exchange review was written, the company has an A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It is confirmed that this investment firm operates legally.

Alongside with their excellent rating, the Certified Gold Exchange also got forty-one positive user feedback. We haven’t seen any complaints to them, either.

The same recognition was given to the company in Trustlink. It got a 5-star rating, with thirty-six positive reviews. No negative feedback was present.

At first, we found this flawless record of Certified Gold Exchange suspicious. After all, even the most reputable companies out there are not invulnerable to issues and complaints.

But then again, we reconsider the idea that maybe, Certified Gold Exchange has just a good way of addressing problems.

Before the issues get to other sites, the customer service of the company already settles the complaints. In this angle, we can certify the fact that they put the needs of their clients as a top priority.

We are pretty sure that there are disputes that are being raised to this company from time to time. But since they can solve it, no further complications took place.

Overall, the Certified Gold Exchange is a reliable gold IRA service provider. It has a legitimate operation, and processing accounts to them are said to smooth and easy.

If you want to make gold as a hedge against inflation, you should seek the services of this company.



Certified Gold Exchange Background

Gold coinsCertified Gold Exchange, or Certified Gold Exchange, Inc., is said to be one of the finest trading platforms for precious metals–specifically gold and silver.

The operation of the company offers IRA metals to individual investors and large corporations alike. They also sell metals to authorized dealers and institutions, too.

Based on our research, this company has been in the precious metal industry for more than two decades already. They started in 1991 and had been affiliated to Berkshire Gold Direct, LLC.

Currently, a person named Janet Villalon is the one that supervises the entire company. Specifically, Villalon serves as the Chief Operations Officer of the Certified Gold Exchange.

The company has a business establishment that you can visit. The exact address is as follows: 201 Main St Ste 610, Fort Worth, Texas 76102-3105. You can also contact them in this number: (800) 300-0715.

Aside from the positive reviews garnered from their clients, the Certified Gold Exchange also has received recognition from premier institutions in the financial world: The Wall Street Journal, The Street, and Market Watch.

Such a rapport is a testament that they are doing well in their business and that the industry is trusting them.

Notably, the Certified Gold Exchange is among the few IRA companies that are evidently supporting various charitable groups.

As of now, they are backing the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Wounded Warrior Project, and the American Red Cross.



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Certified Gold Exchange Services

In this Certified Gold Exchange review, we have already discussed the reputation of the company. As it turns out, this precious metal dealer is acknowledged by the professional bullion market. They have acquired a plethora of positive reviews from their previous clients.

It has been stated that the Certified Gold Exchange only deals with certified commodities in the precious metal industry.

They are the following: government minted gold and silver bullion coins, Johnson Matthey and Credit Suisse gold bars, Johnson Matthey and Engelhard silver bars, PCGS and NGC-certified gold and silver coins, and a variety of COMEX-approved bullion bars.

Aside from these products, they also have the Exclusive PriceMatchPlus Guarantee. This is unique insurance that assures their clients that the items they sell have better price competitiveness than those that are being offered by other dealers.

They also boast that they have an exclusive economic research team. This internal entity within the Certified Gold Exchange has a plethora of experience in the precious metal industry.

They are the ones that do the forecasts and analyses so that they can help their clients in making crucial investment decisions.

Aside from the team, the company has non-commissioned account representatives as well.



Final Verdict

As you can see, the Certified Gold Exchange, Inc. is a legitimate gold dealer. They are acknowledged by the precious metal industry and even across the financial community.

They have an established rapport already throughout two decades of existence.

Furthermore, they have an excellent track record when it comes to providing bullion products and IRA packages. You can also be sure that they have excellent customer service that can assist any potential investors.

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They are not sales pushy and will not be marketing to you that makes feel they are hassling you.  Instead, you are being helped with your investing goals in mind.

We also really like them because they offer segregated storage as standard so your assets are kept separate from others without the need for extra cost as other firms charge for this type of storage as well.


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