BGASC Review: A Deal-Sealer or A Deal Breaker?

BGASC reviewRight from the get-go, investing in precious metals is indeed a solid and sound investment decision and looking for a company to invest in can be overwhelming.

We have put together this BGASC review for you to give you a summary of what they are all about to help you make a more informed decision.

Precious metals work as an effective hedge against inflation and other economic crises. They can also work as a form of investment because of their given value.

There are a lot of things that you have to consider whenever you are purchasing precious metals. Things would go even deeper once you pursue gold or silver coins, rather than bullion bars.

After all, these coins are costlier and would require thorough scrutiny before they can be processed.

With all of these things stated, it is needless to say that having a reliable merchant of these items should make a difference.

Once you landed on a trusted dealer, half of the cumbersome process would be taken care of already.

Of course, there are a lot of companies that you can choose when it comes to bullion dealers. One of them is the BGASC, LLC. However, is there any merit that should make a potential investor like you trust them?

Let’s find out.



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BGASC Review

The BGASC company name may sound like a trifling name for some. But don’t worry, it is just an abbreviation of their full name. BGASC is just the shortened term of the “Buy Gold And Silver Coin.”

Well, aren’t they too direct with their company name? A lot of you might have a laugh about it, but sometimes, being directed and blunt is a good way to introduce yourself.

BGASC is a company that specializes in selling different types of bullion coins and numismatics. They have a collection of rare and premium coins, which are good for those who are collecting these stuff.

However, the biggest deal in this precious metal dealer is their IRA-approved gold and silver coins.


BGASC homepage


Accordingly, they are a legitimate dealer of American Eagle Coins, Canadian Maple Leaf Coins, Australian Kangaroo Coins, Chinese Panda Coins, and a variety of world mints.

As stated by them, they are also selling proof, uncirculated coins, and other types of PCGS and NGC-certified coins for investment.

If these are the given products offered by BGASC, then it is not a surprise that a lot of investors have taken an interest in them.

Upon seeing their site, it seems that they provide a good interface for their users. It is also notable that most of their operations are focused online, which is quite understandable.

Many reputable dealers, such as Regal Assets and APMEX also have their services centered on online platforms.

Upon inspecting their site, it is quite noticeable that they have a display of the current spot prices of precious metals.

When checked, the prices that they display reflects the actual spot prices of these items on the market. Therefore, our doubts that they are just putting numbers in a flash are eradicated.

Those who have tried the services of BGASC have told that this company is quite helpful, especially to new investors.

According to one of their existing clients, this company is providing sufficient support and tutorial. If this is their system, then it would really be beneficial if amateurs would go for this company.

Having people to help you out on investments like precious metals is always advantageous.


BGASC Ratings

After digging deep, we have found no serious complaints about the BGASC. There were no complaints about scams or other shady activities. There are not government reports that are raised against them.

Of course, like we always say, there’s no such thing as a perfect company, especially in the world of precious metals. They do have some minor issues–mostly sent by their clients.

Fortunately, it seems that they have been addressed properly.

Silver Coins

Because of the good reputation of BGASC as a dealer of gold and silver coins, the company has been rated well by various third-party sites.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has provided a straight A+ rating to them. The BBB also included some good reviews from the previous clients of BGASC.

Aside from that, Trustpilot has also rated the company pretty high. They got a 5-star rating with around 3,000 reviews. Roughly 84% of these reviews were positive, and only 1% is bad or failing.

These figures alone testify to the finesse of the BGASC as a coin dealer.

Overall, we have nothing bad to say about BGASC. They are a comprehensive dealer of bullion products, which can either be used for investment or collection.

They have a clean online website as well. Based on our investigation, we found out that they don’t place hidden charges on your purchases. All the fees you are going to pay are all divulged and stated.



BGASC Background

The “Buy Gold And Silver Coin” company has a humble beginning. It did not start with a bang or with flashy PR campaigns. They began with a little capital on their hand.

However, the expertise of Thomas Martin in the world of precious metals and financial trading became the key to their steady growth.

The BGASC, LLC had been founded in 2012. Compared to other companies, the BGASC is a relatively new company.

But because of their solid performance in providing legitimate coins to individual investors, they were able to gain traction in the industry.

The BGASC has been known for their fast shipping and reasonable pricing. Their reputation in the industry is seemingly a mixture of efficiency and honesty.


Gold Coins - 5 coins


As a result, this company was touted as one of the biggest bullion and coin merchants in the United States. They are also a member of the PCGS and the Certified Coin Exchange (CCE).

We also have discovered that they belong to the NGC Collectors Society. The company also pride themselves as a reputable bulk purchaser of United States Mint non-bullion coins.

With these accolades, it is quite amusing to think that BGASC is still a new company.

Despite having an almost-ridiculous company name, the BGASC was able to prove that they can be trusted when it comes to buying or selling precious metals.

The BGASC primary operates through their website and doesn’t seem to have a physical location where you can visit.

Their specific address is P.O. Box 9119, 91372, Calabasas, California, which is a bit strange not to have a physical office customers can go to.



BGASC Services

Much of the services of the “Buy Gold And Silver Coins” have been stated already. They are a trusted dealer of different varieties of gold and silver. Most of the needs of investors can be provided by this company.

When it comes to gold, they offer authentic American Eagles, Gold Rounds, Gold American Buffalos, Pre-1933 US Gold, Canadian Gold Maple Leafs, South African Gold Krugerrands, Australian Gold Kangaroos and Nuggets, Austrian Gold Philharmonics, and other premium and rare numismatics. Most of these products have their silver counterparts as well.

Apparently, they also sell platinum, palladium, and copper. It has been told that these aforementioned precious metals are IRA-approved, making them a great addition to your portfolio.

You can guarantee that they can be used as a hedge and a source of financial leverage for short-term investment needs.

The BGASC owns their accredited storage vaults for their commodities. It is a good thing to know that all of your ordered products are just held by them.

All of the transactions made with this company is secure and private. The package will remain safe in transit.



Final Verdict

Overall, this BGASC review has been a clear testament that the “Buy Gold And Silver Coins” is a company that you can entrust your money. They are not a scam as other people have said to them.

We have researched their background and interviewed some of their previous clients to prove this assessment. For new and old investors alike, the BGASC is a good company to try.



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